KT Tunstall @ Wolverhampton Civic Hall – 9th April 2008


KT Tunstall’s first album ‘Eye to the Telescope’ sold more than 4 million copies and her follow up ‘Drastic Fantastic’ also went ‘stratospheric’ according to journalists. However, tonight is a chance to see whether KT lives up to her commercial appeal and is a credible act live.

The audience in attendance was typically varied – KT’s appeal is obviously very versatile due to her radio-friendly tunes; oldies, young couples and an influx of bright-eyed teenagers were all present, ready and waiting for KT to unleash some of her magic.

It seems the new KT Tunstall has been rebranded into something more reminiscent of a modern day rock chick, which is indeed a far cry from the old Katie revelling in her Fife roots, with her acoustic guitar, hippy style and tousled hair completing her ensemble. The audience didn’t seem to mind however and swayed blissfully through the delicate trappings of ‘Other Side of the World’ and ‘Throw Me a Rope’. The set was nothing out of the ordinary and, as predicted, there was a subtle mix of the old and new KT interwoven throughout the show.


The old Katie stood up to be counted during the up-tempo ‘Black Horse and the Cherry Tree’ – the crowd were even riding on an over-enthusiastic high at this point, which was the pinnacle of the show. Tunstall seemed to hold the 3,000-strong crowd in the palm of her hand but her ability to drone on after every song with little irrelevant stories seemingly caused large parts of them to wish they could drift off to ‘the other side of the world’!


All in all KT did as predicted, however sometimes you can’t help wishing she would decide which side of the fence to sit on – is she a hippy chick eco warrior brandishing her acoustic guitar, or is she a glitzy rock chick who is a more marketable commodity for her record company as a result? Will the real KT Tunstall please stand up?

Review – Kimberley Owen
Photos – Michelle Owen

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5 thoughts on “KT Tunstall @ Wolverhampton Civic Hall – 9th April 2008

  1. I disagree with the author: the banter between songs added to the rapport with the audience and made it a more personal experience. It makes a big difference when artists communicate with the crowd rather than just play their stuff.

    Paul, Newport, Shropshire

  2. Sorry Paul, feel I come down on the side of KO. A pretty ordinary sort of show though the re-working of Other Side… was great. I don’t think KT needs to commit herself to any style particularly and the ground she’s covered across her albums (for one sooo young) is to be commended. However with her photogenic appeal and ‘popular’ profile, I can’t help but think that she promises more than she delivers.

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