KT Tunstall + Braids @ Symphony Hall, 4th November 2016

KT Tunstall 2016 SH-1009

A kazoo rendition of Seven Nation Army was not something I was expecting to hear when I arrived at KT Tunstall’s gig at Birminghams Symphony Hall tonight, But I’ll come back to that in a bit..

I’d heard great things about KT’s live shows so I was looking forward to tonights gig. I arrived just as Braids, the support act, all the way from Canada started.The room was only half full but those in there seemed to enjoy their experimental pop sound.

KT Tunstall 2016 SH-SUPPORT (BRAIDS)-1002

After half an hour or so the room had filled to what looked like a full house and the lights dimmed, cue Tunstalls entrance along with her three piece band to applause. It’s been twelve years since we first heard from KT and she tells us that she can’t quite believe where those years have gone.

KT Tunstall 2016 SH-1003

Tonight set is fairly heavy with songs from the new album” Kin”, but thats expected and the new material goes down well. And she made a real effort to involve the audience with the new songs by teaching some of the lyrics first. A lovely touch! A little way into the show and Tunstall’s band head off to the side of the stage so its just KT and her guitar (there were a lot off them, I think I counted seven different guitars). A few songs later and Black Horse and a Cherry Tree has people dancing in the aisles and Its at this point that KT whips a kazoo out of her silver trouser pocket and plays the unmistakeable opening riff to The White Stripes ‘Seven Nation Army’.

KT Tunstall 2016 SH-1006

And for me, its a fairly good example of the night as a whole. KT is fun and entertaining for the whole evening, A real personality. She keep the crowd involved with various anecdotes about moving to the states, long distance relationships and Dave Grohl. Arguably a few too many, but she comes across as likeable and funny so she can get away with it. All the time though we are reminded of just how talented she is and how much she can do with a guitar, a loop pedal and some (self confessed) mediocre beatboxing..

KT Tunstall 2016 SH-1011

The night finishes with a three song encore and everyone on their feet, I don’t see how anyone could have left the Symphony Hall disappointed. KT is obviously a very talented person and it was a very enjoyable evening. Thank you KT!

KT Tunstall 2016 SH-1016


Review – Hannah Dent

Photos – Johnny Dent

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