Krept & Konan @ o2 Institute, 6th April 2016

Photography By Chazino - kk

After a successful 2015 and their album “The Long Way Home” charting at number 2 in the UK Album Charts, the famous South London Duo, Krept & Konan, landed in Birmingham for their “Night To Remember Tour”, and it was defiantly a night to remember for all of their fans that came out to the sold out show.

Photography By Chazino - Docta Cosmic Krept & Konan 14

Docta Cosmic was the 1st to take to the stage as he warmed up the crowd and got them ready for the “Beach House” man himself Ty Dolla $ign.

Photography By Chazino - Krept & Konan header

The LA native took to the stage preforming some of his biggest hits such as “Irie” and “Saved”. The stage was lit up with a screen showing various clips and images from his videos and of other Taylor Gang comrades. It was hard to believe he was a support, after the performance he gave, which just goes to show how big Krept & Konan have gotten over the past couple of years.

Photography By Chazino - KK 2

Then it was time for the dynamic duo to take their place on stage and they defiantly hit it with a bang. Coming out of an underground London train, to Konan’s “Last Night in LA”, you could see how much work was put into this tour and we got to see it first before it hits the rest of Europe.

Photography By Chazino - Krept & Konan 15

Covering The Notorious B.I.G’s “Mo Money Mo Problems” it would be hard not to call these two the new Puffy & Mase of this era in the UK.

The song “MDMA” taken of their latest mixtape “Young Kingz” got the crowd seriously ‘hyped up’.

Photography By Chazino - Krept 12

They also had some surprises bringing out a selection of artist to the stage to perform.

We saw Birmingham’s Queen herself Lady Leshurr, Geko, Section Boyz, Fekky & even BBK’s JME. The fans defiantly got their money’s worth from this gig.

Words and photographs by Chazino Suban

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