Killing Joke – MMXII

Having released the acclaimed ‘Absolute Dissent’ in 2010, Killing Joke release this latest album at just the right time. For over 30 years Killing Joke have been assaulting and pounding ears and the recent re-forming of Jaz, Youth, Paul and Geordie could not have come at a better time with charts full of manufactured pap and wannabees from awful, I use the word lightly, talent shows.

Full of politicial statement MMXII open with ‘Pole Shift’ and the lyric sheet even includes references from the internet to back up the song. It’s full on into ‘Fema Camp’, before ‘Rapture’, immediately feeling like the old 80’s ‘Joke has been given a new modern twist. I can’t get enough of this album, and seeing the band live last month, during which a good amount of the tracks were given an airing, it does not disappoint. My only criticism is that the album wasn’t released sooner, or the tour later, so that tracks could’ve been heard more before the live set, but the excellent news is that Killing Joke play the UK again in September, but being third on the bill under The Mission and The Cult. Whilst both could justify the top slot, both need to be prepared because on the basis of an incredible live show, sound and with possibly one of the standout albums of the year, Killing Joke may just upstage both of them.

If you’re still not sure, give the single ‘In Cythera’ a listen, and then after you’re hooked go buy the album. It will be difficult to buy a better set of songs this year.

Review – Glenn Raybone

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