Kelli Ali @ The Hare & Hounds, Kings Heath – 28th November 2008

Kelli Ali @ Hare&Hounds, Birmingham, Nov 2008

Kelli Ali was involved with two big aspects of 90’s music culture – as the vocalist with the Sneaker Pimps she provided soothing vocals for the trip hop crowd and, thanks to an Armand van Helden remix, her voice played a part in corporate clubland’s heyday.

She’s moved on since then, returning to a rockier sound (she used to sing with guitar bands around Birmingham) and then on to her current, more acoustic feel. This show, promoting her third solo album, was promoted by Moseley’s Lunar Society and she seemed at home among the folky symbolism, singing her gently evocative songs at a languid pace.

Kelli Ali @ Hare&Hounds, Birmingham, Nov 2008

To be honest, I wasn’t much taken with her music for the first few songs. My attention drifted and I stood at the side admiring the flyers. That changed though – her gently lulling music drew me in by degrees. Accompanied by a small band on flute, guitar and cello, Ali was all smiles and expansive hand movements.

Kelli Ali @ Hare&Hounds, Birmingham, Nov 2008

After ‘Rocking Horse’, the new album’s eponymous track, she left the stage to warm applause. I doubt there are any dancefloor smashes just a remix away, but that sort of thing belongs to a previous career.

Review – Chris Unitt
Photos – Katja Ogrin

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