Kate Walsh + Dan Whitehouse @ Birmingham Glee Club – 12th October 2009


Two years ago I got married in Cornwall. An odd beginning for a live review you may think but I just needed to share something with you. The song we chose to play as my wife-to-be walked down the aisle was “Your Song”. Not by Elton John, by Miss Kate Walsh. It’s a beautiful, gentle love song and just one of the reasons I’m at the Glee Club tonight, accompanied by my now wife 🙂

Another reason I’m here is a man named Mick Flannery who I recently discovered on iTunes. His album, “White Lies” is now one of my favourites of the last few years and when I found out he was in town as support to Kate I knew this was a gig not to miss!

Unfortunately, Mick is ill. He won’t be playing tonight. I’m a little gutted to be honest.


In his place is Wolverhampton singer/songwriter Dan Whitehouse, and he’s a fine stand in. An instantly likeable chap with an obvious natural talent when it comes to finely crafted songs with strong storytelling and catchy choruses. Tonight he’s flying solo, whereas in November he’ll be back at this very venue with a full band to beef up the sound.


Dan’s forthcoming single “Where Is The Love” is one of many tunes which keep the audience listening appreciatively and he seems to shift a few CDs in the interval as a result.


Touring in support of her Light & Dark album, Kate Walsh announces that she has headlined the Glee Club more than any other artist. Quite an achievement considering it’s only her second album, and she’s obviously built a loyal following in a short time, as the room is jam packed tonight.


She kicks off as she means to go on with the gentle acoustics of “Fireworks” from her debut album, “Tim’s House”, seemingly still a little uncomfortable being the centre of attention. Eyes closed throughout much of her songs, Kate’s voice is, quite simply, stunning. On record her vocals are sweet and subtle but in a live setting it becomes much more apparent that her voice can soar unlike many artists in her genre.


A brilliant cover of Erasure’s “A Little Respect” and an unexpected segway into a piece by Debussy show that Kate is also willing to take risks. Both seem to go down well with the crowd. Between songs she’s chatty, smiley and, at one point, unable to stop giggling. This all makes her audience love her even more of course.


Tonight Kate is ably assisted with cello and piano which round out the sound well. Her lyrics are personal and genuine, often about the highs and lows of relationships.

Ending with the aforementioned “Your Song”, this gig has seen us witness a genuinely underrated UK artist. As much as The Glee Club has become her second home of sorts, it’s surely time she reached a bigger audience.


Review & Photos – Steve Gerrard

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