Ivory Wave @ ValeFest, 8th June 2019

A festival headlining set is an exciting accomplishment for any artist, but for Birmingham’s own Ivory Wave the ValeFestival headlining slot is just another well-earned step in the band’s evolution. Continuing to grow and evolve, Ivory Wave no doubt have some exciting things coming for them in the future. We caught up with the band as they prepped for the headlining slot and chatted all things music and future.Tucked behind the gleaming tents of ValeFest, Ivory Wave gathers in a little circle around their bus, ideas about music and festivals bouncing between members. There is a sort of tangible chemistry amongst the band, more like brothers their seems to be a mutual love and respect that can, at times, be lacking from road weary bands. It is a symbiosis of talent that seems to permeate every aspect of Ivory Wave’s musical life.

The Brummie band intermix different sounds and genres to create a truly unique sound. Ivory Wave reveals that the sound “happened organically. We all listen to varied types of music so our sound is just what has happened as we matured as a band.” This sort of mishmash of sonic elements is a “hybrid” that includes “indie pop music with hip hop,” a conglomeration of “English and American” sound that pulls from “pop, 90s music, grime, and 80s synth pop.” A seamless, genre-less conglomeration, their sound is perfectly layered waves of sonic beauty, a collaborative effort where every idea is reflected and every voice heard.  With a sound cemented and a fan base growing Ivory Wave look to their next steps as a band. The lads tell me that they have a confidence in their creation, leading them to explore and release more and more. It is the “busiest year for us as a band. We have a new single coming out and new music coming out at the end of the year. We also have a few festivals” and a handful of other exciting things. Ivory Wave is “in it for the long run,” and they sure are taking the steps needed to ensure a bright future.  Stepping onto bigger and bigger stages, Ivory Wave is primed for some big things.This day we find them headlining the Lake Stage at ValeFest. The band is excited, “the University is slightly separated from the Birmingham music scene so potentially 95% of the crowd hasn’t heard us. Hopefully they will become fans of the band.”Their set was certainly fan gaining, an electric performance that filled the tent with old and new faces. Opening with a handful of tunes that typify their layered song, Ivory Waves exploded with energy for their headlining set. Each tune was laced with moments of indie trance rock, elongated instrumentals intertwining with ferocious vocals, creating a sort of energetic hysteria that whipped fans into a frenzy.

80s rock tinged ‘Paradise’ and anthemic ‘Gold’ where clear fan favourites, their groupies in the front row screaming wildly along as lyrics flung around the tent. The feel good rock continued as new single ‘Uptown’ displayed this perfectly crafted layering of sound; with a climatic wave the newest addition was emotionally poignant, a clear display of the bands confidence and evolution. Massive hits ‘Cool Kids’ and ‘Club’ rounded out the night, the innovative yet familiar sounds lighting up the tent.Big things are coming for Ivory Wave. With finely curated tunes combined with their electric stage show Ivory Wave is growing in popularity. They are poised for the next stage, and we cannot wait to see where they take off to.


Interviewer: Kylie McCormick

Photographer: Adriana Vasile

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