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Jayce Lewis released his debut album  ‘Nemesis” under his pseudonym Protafield  in June this year. Lewis developed his craft on the live circuit, evolving his sound on the road supporting legends such as Korn, Gary Numan, Killing Joke, Black Light Burns and Combichrist. This year alone he and his industrial punk band hit the festival scene with appearances at Sonisphere, Alt-Fest, Forever Sun and then embarked on their own European tour. Birmingham Live recently had the pleasure of speaking to Jayce Lewis  prior to his tour with Breed 77 next month.

BL: What were your musical influences whilst growing up in Wales?

JL: It ranged from Queen, Prodigy, Therapy?, Sepultura, Fear Factory and ABBA

BL: You changed your name to Protafield shortly after signing to Caroline International. Where did the name come from?

JL: Yep, the name came from a Skype convo with Burton from Fear Factory, they were touring Russia at the time… I mentioned to him I needed to come up with a new name for the project and not go out under Jayce Lewis anymore, he got his thinking cap on and we joined his idea and mine together. which gave birth to Protafield.

BL: Does signing to a major label allow you more freedom to work with a larger budget?

JL: At the beginning you have all this money, that gets you everything you need to get done to release a killing package, but! you also have to pace everything in order to keep the momentum going, otherwise you can exhaust it early and drop off the radar.

BL: Is it true you have an enormous following in India?

JL: Yes… back around 4 years ago I released my first single and debut album, I was made artist of the month by VH1 and MTV and the album charted at number 7 in the Asian Charts

BL: How did the tour of India go?

JL: It was the most surreal experience ever, I came from nothing, and became something…. something that I had no control over or was prepared for, so much so the BBC made documentary on it all and featured on BBC1 twice.

BL: You come to Birmingham on December 3rd as support for Breed 77. Your Support credentials are very impressive, You’ve supported Combichrist, Black Light Burns, and Gary Numan to name a few, Did touring with these artists have an influence on your creative process?

JL: I wouldn’t say that any of these had an influence at all musically… the only thing we got from it was just touring the material live, and often so in effect, this gave us an insight into what worked better live and what doesn’t.

BL: Protafield are a visual band. Is the image side of the band as important as the music is?

JL: The visuals are a just as important as the music, but also as people do judge a book by its cover, we dress to express who/what we are…. so, for instance Jack (Drummer) dresses quirky.. because he is mental and quirky.

BL: You once said your music is about the experiences you’ve had in your life, Did this reflect on the writing of Nemesis?

JL: Yes, Nemesis is again something that is full of angst, emotion, reflection, wisdom, hate and so on…. there’s so much that goes on in life, in and out of this business that I am never short of anything to write about.

BL: What can Birmingham expect on December 3rd?

JL: Loud attitude

BL:  What are your plans for 2015?

JL: We have tours being arranged and festivals, Keep checking in on Facebook.

BL Thank you very much for giving us some time, good luck with the tour and look forward to catching you guys in Birmingham.


Protafield will appear with Breed77 at The Oobleck on 3rd December.


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