Impericon Never Say Die Tour @ The Asylum, 7th November, 2018

Bringing about the best of metalcore Impericon’s Never Say Die! Tour is not for the faint of heart but if metal or hardcore is your scene, it is a night that cannot be missed. With a set list of insane bands the night is poised for greatness. This, however, paired with the tour’s focus on the social discussion of mental health and the obvious familial ethos often espoused by each band create an intimate, purposeful night that is wrapped within a high-octane set of gigs.  The Never Say Die! Tour did not disappoint, with each group bringing their own take on metalcore, delivering an unforgettable night. 

Thousand Below

Hailing from San Diego, California post-hardcore rock band Thousand Below opened the night. Swirling together atmospheric interludes with hard-hitting rock, the band created a dreamscape full of energy, the perfect opening to an insane night. 

Opening with drum anchored ‘The Love You Let Too Close’ Thousand Below intermixed atmospheric instrumental bits with post-hardcore riffs, an intoxicating mixture of sound that mirrored the ecstatic stage presence of the group. As guitars flew and singers swirled waves of hardcore rock flooded over fans raising the energy in the chilly room. The band continued to spew intensity as ‘Tradition’ and ‘Sinking Me’ filled the room. With hard-hitting ferocity fans nodded in agreement as Thousand Below stacked slamming sound with powerful vocals. 

Tempo morphing ‘Sleepless’ was followed by ‘No Place Like You.’ Intermixing expansive vocals with juxtaposing mixture of rolling rock and instrumentals ‘No Place Like You’ was a perfect mixture of the progressive rock sound that seems to typify Thousand Below, a display of their true talent as musicians. Thousand Below’s set ended with ‘Vein,’ an intense release of energy that incited an extreme response from fans. Intermixing tempos and instrumentals, Thousand Below opened the night with a wildly energetic post-hardcore rock set that set the mood for the rest of the evening. 


Metalcore group Currents has an exciting few months ahead of them. Along with a coveted slot on the Never Say Die tour, Currents also has a new project I Let the Devil In releasing in mid December. Hopping into the second slot of the night Currents delivered a bombastic set that paired cutting metalcore with an expansive stage presence. 

‘Apnea’ opened the set for Currents, the record anchored by slaying guitar riffs and insanely brilliant vocals. From the beginning the sound was big and bold, a clear indication of why Currents is a favourite amongst fans. Tempo shifting ‘Withered’ continued the immersive nature of the set, with fans fully invested into the set moving in coordination with Currents. 

With guitars slinging ‘Into Despair’ continued the intensity and power, quickly followed by ‘Anxiety’ and ‘Delusion.’ The trio of records are full forced metalcore records, full of that deep throttled sound and forcefulness that acts as a charge to the system. The night ended with ‘Night  Terrors,’ a mood shifting record that was heavily anchored by its rock leaning sound. 

Currents stepped onstage and completely took over the building. Their insane metalcore sound mixed with their flood of energy acting like a shock to the system, bringing fans closer to the stage and energizing them with their secret stage powers. 


Hardcore metal Polar continued the insanity, launching into a savage set while trying to pull the crowd closer and closer.  After a dramatic opening of exploding sound and strobe lights, songs like ‘Drive’ and ‘Everything Stays’ pumped up the room. With trance inducing movement the group moved from hardcore song to hardcore song, continuously increasing the energy and feverishness within the room. 

Debuting a new song off of an album to be released in the new year, Polar offered a glimpse into their next creative effort. The song mirrored the already released snippets; an onslaught of metal and rock intermingled with progressive lyrical content. 

In ecstatic black ‘Dead Man Walking’ closed the night. Organising a moshpit Polar infused every last bit of their set with fervent power and purpose, a dose of insanity that elevated the tone of the room. 


A handful of years ago at Impericon Festival we sat down for a quick chat with Casey, a lasting impression forever planted into our brains. So to say we were excited for their set would be an understatement, we were anxiously waiting to see what Casey would produce, and they did not disappoint.  An intoxicating mixture of alternative hardcore rock with singer songwriter sensibilities, Casey offers a drastically different take on the typical sound. Mixing both parts mystery and ferocity they delivered a standout set that was clearly adored by those in the room. 

Charged by their epic drummer, Casey introduced the set with emotionally arching ‘Bloom.’ Perfectly displaying that juxtaposing style of the song, with its counterbalance of instrumentals and rock, which quickly ramped up to a fever of ecstasy. As phones went up fan favourite ‘Bruise’ filtered through. Again pulling on emotional peaks and valleys the song has a certain flow that is often not noted in hardcore rock; with stirring instrumentals dripping in atmospheric moodiness the song is a stunning progression of the alternative hardcore genre. 

After wishing lead singer Tom a very Happy Birthday, complete with cake, rock oriented ‘Fade’ spilled through. Amidst the swirling lights the tempo shifting song undulated between its hardcore roots and a sensible singer songwriter motif. 

A vulnerable, transformational discussion about mental illness and suicide poignantly marked the next few minutes. It is a piece that I am constantly wowed by when it comes to Casey; their ability to be vulnerable and open is flooring and I have no doubt that the sentiments regarding mental health and suicide truly transform lives. A band with a purpose beyond their music, the momentary discussion is inspiring and humbling. 

‘Phosphenes’ and tempered ‘Fluorescents’ pair swinging instrumentals with high octane sound, the set finally ending with punchy alternative hardcore ‘Hell.’ Casey no doubt had the standout set of the evening, their ability to control a room evident as they overtook the stage for too brief a time. 


Surprising standout of the night was German group Alazka. After a name change and a few added members, Alazka seems to have perfected their dynamics and their stage set, delivering the standout show of the night. Redefining metalcore,  Alazka’s interesting mixture of sonic elements paired with their raging instrumentals create a vortex worth diving into. 

Bathed in purple and white light ‘Hearts of Gold’ launched first. A mixture of punky metal and hardcore, the double frontmen battled against an enthusiastic crowd launching their set with a punch of energy. The stage could barely hold the band as they bounded around like electricity, unable to be contained. Rock edged ‘Brighter Days’ was followed by heavy ‘Empty Throne.’

Insanely explosive ‘Blossom,’ anchored by emphatic drums creates chaotic hysteria. As the band jumps into the crowd a flurry of bodies and voices collide in climatic undulation. Thudding ‘Ghost’ and instrumental heavy ‘Phantoms’ are followed explosive set ending ‘Phoenix.’ 

With an onslaught of insane energy paired with genre splicing records Alazka delivered an insane set, no doubt gaining a handful of new fans with their perfected set. 

Being As An Ocean

American melodic hardcore Being As An Ocean intermixed a dark stage with even heavier sound, often infiltrating the floor to intermingle with fans. Their dynamic gig was high energy, a heavier track list that brought a new type of energy to the night. 

Atmospheric metal ‘OK’ kicked off the night. Bathed in pulsating red lights the dark stage mirrored the darker tone of the song, a stirring slap of sound that altered the mood of the room. Tempo shifting ‘Dissolve’ found the band diving into the fans, an integration that brought a wave of excitement as bodies mashed together in euphoric symbiosis. ‘Black and Blue,’ with its dark and menacing sound, was followed by fan favourite ‘Alone.’ 

As drums cascaded and guitars went into a frenzy expansive ‘Know My Name’ seeped through. The song was followed by ramping ‘Glow,’ its slow melodic intro quickly curtailed into a firing instrumental number. The set ended with a handful of songs, including favourites ‘The Poets Cry for Me’ and ‘The Hardest Part is Forgetting Those You Swore You Would Never Forget.’

Integrating themselves into the throngs of fans, Being As An Ocean connected to the audience with high octane records mirrored by the feverish level of action on the floor. 


Australian hard rock, heavy metal band have rightfully been showered in praise and awards over the last few years.  Taking to a headlining slot on the Never Say Die tour the band capped the night off with an insane set, upholding their status as epic performers. 


A crescendo of drums and instrumentals launched ‘Genesis’ into the air. Dazzling under purple and blue lights Northlane launched into their set with a forceful heavy metal track that was as epic as it was powerful, a good hint at what was about to come. ‘Vultures and its cacophony of sound was followed by ‘Rot.’ As the band got everyone to clap along ‘Vultures’ intensified the already erratic energy, starting the crowd surfing frenzy that would come to accompany every song. 

With a choir of fans ‘Colourwave’ sustained the mental energy, a high impact punch that mirrored the feverish mosh pit. The rowdiness continued as a handful of songs including ‘Worldeater’ and ‘Citizen’ riff amongst other hits. As each song elevates a slew of crowd surfers are thrown over the barricades, an evolving mosh pit growing as the songs intensity.

‘Quantum Flux’ rounds out the set, an insanity of sights and sounds which then reveal an exhausted and bloodied crowd screaming for more. 

Reviewer: Kylie McCormick

Photographer: Adriana Vasile

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