The Hunna @ ValeFest, 8th June 2019

A pulsing energy reverberates from the main stage at ValeFest. Perched atop the shifting stage is rock band The Hunna who have just delivered one of the best festival headlining slots we have ever witnessed. With visceral pure rock brilliance the band owns the night, and we are left in awe. Big things are ahead for The Hunna, and we cant wait to watch in anticipation as they take over the world.A few hours before their mind-blowing performance we got to sit down with the band to chat life, musical evolution, and the future. It has been an interesting year for The Hunna; with some structural changes the band has lived through a whirlwind of highs and lows but have emerged with a refined sense of identity and direction that is intoxicating. “We know we can give more, we are putting out music we love and we know the fans will get that.”Focused on the future The Hunna have a third album and a full festival season ahead of them. The band told me that this third record is “slightly different from the first two. We are grown up, we don’t want to play the same music over and over again. The third record still has The Hunna essence, we are still a rock band, but we are adding experimental electronic sounds and hip-hop. We listen to so many different styles so we are genre melding.”

The new tunes are not just sonically evolving, the band is lacing sonic brilliance with lyrical vulnerability.  Writing “about real things” the record reveals a “moody ethos. With what we have gone through and our influences the music is getting a bit darker. It is darker because we like dark stuff and it feels right to progress that way. With age and maturity you naturally move to bit heavier and darker and experimental.” No doubt fans will find their own lives and truths reflected in what The Hunna are creating, a symbiosis of sound and emotion that will continue the fan and band relationship that has grown over the years.The new album, and the few songs that were played during the festival headlining slot, are wicked. Pure rock heat paired with layers of experimental waves, fans should be prepared for some major masterpieces! Taking the risks are clearly paying off, no doubt a creation of the timeless records that The Hunna desired.It was not all music chat, we also talked about the insane festival season ahead for The Hunna. Along with their headlining slot at ValeFest, The Hunna also have shows at festivals like Reading and Leeds and TRNSMT Festival. It is the “first proper festival season” for the band, with promises of new music accompanying the sets. There is a palpable excitement for the summer, “we treat each show as the same” and while the headlining slot at ValeFestival is “a little more special” the lads are primed to put together sets that wow. The desire to “bring The Hunna-mania worldwide” is in full effect!

This was certainly the case at ValeFest. Taking to the stage for their headlining slot The Hunna slayed.  The night opened with an explosion of sound, a rock infused blast that electrified the crowd. ‘We Could Be’ was a clear crowd pleasure that charged the cold night air. With crashing waves of sonic perfection ‘Fever’ and ‘Bad For You’ combined with a few other first album tunes, the crashing instrumentals giving a sort of dirty rock feel.After a quick guitar swap mitigated drums and an ethereal guitar introduced ‘Babe, Can I Call?’ Typical of The Hunna sound, the tune had a layering of sound that exploded with energy. With a punch of energy ‘Rock My Way’ brought about crowd surfing and a bouncing crowd, a display of youthful escapism that follows all good festivals. A new song broke the set; with a sinister undertone the song seemingly reflected the anger of the past year yet there is a sort of redemptive hope that interweaves throughout. The new stuff is going to be insane if it all sounds like this!After the new song a few fan favourites came, including ‘Flickin’ Your Hair’ and ‘She’s Casual.’ The night ended with explosive ‘Bonfire’ and a brand new song punctuated with attention grabbing rock.The Hunna are indescribably brilliant musicians who are crafting progressively creative, poignantly powerful records. Their headlining slot at ValeFest was nothing less than stunning, a transformative evening fuelled by their visceral rock records. We witnessed a masterpiece of musical prowess, and we cannot wait to continue to watch as The Hunna reach worldwide Hunna-mania.


Interviewer: Kylie McCormick

Photographer: Adriana Vasile and Andra Tudoran


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