Help needed regarding the forthcoming official documentary about Norwegian band JR Ewing

Do you remember punk/hardcore band JR Ewing?  An official documentary is being worked on and the filmakers are looking for financial support and for lost material.

21 years after the first concert and 14 years after the last, the long awaited JR Ewing documentary film is finally in the making.

JR Ewing were a critically acclaimed punk/hardcore band from Oslo Norway founded in 1998 and active until 2006. They innovated a signature sound that pioneered a generation of underground punk and hardcore artists. Their presence defined the early 2000’s Norwegian music scene and became the identity of Nordic music of the time. Throughout their touring years they shared the stage with innumerable influential artists such as Pretty Girls Make Graves, Turbonegro, The Blood Brothers and The Mars Volta.

Having released 3 full-length albums, 2 EPs, 3 split EPs and a compilation on labels such as Gold Standard Laboratories, Coalition, Dim Mak and Universal and performed over 350 concerts in 16 countries, their influence extends throughout the globe and continues to this day. JR Ewing are patriarchs of a now extinct cultural movement that is warmly remembered but seldom celebrated. “It’s not the fall that kills you, but the sudden stop at the end”. 

Two brothers, filmmakers Simon and Paul Gore are currently raising money to assist with the release of the documentary, they are also on the hunt to track down lost material – they are currently searching for 3 lost concert tapes. These consist of the 1st show tape from Rælingen, the 2nd show tape from Sarpsborg and the legendary Porsgrunn tape from 1998. The brothers are looking for anybody in possession of the mentioned tapes or any pre-2001 JR Ewing live or studio material.

Set to feature interviews with the band, members of Rhumble in Rhodos, Juan Alderete, Justin Pearson of The Locust, Andrea of Pretty Girls Make Graves, Steve Aoki, Jon Theodore of QOTSA, Gallows, Venn Records and more.

Please find their current campaign here alongside more details:

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