Godiva Festival Sunday, 7th July 2019

We return for Day 3 of Godiva Festival and the sun is shining down so this were going to get toasty today. Fans already started to trickle in with a substaial amount more than the start of yesterday clearly the weather is helping, Starting off the day with an array of local talent followed by some blasts from the past all of which have their own way of captivating the crowd here today. Starting off the day for us we catch Harry Holles smiling his way and strumming his heart out.

Harry Holles

Home-grown Harry has a few rabbits up his sleeve mixing his abilities between acting, modelling and music, today we get the latter. The sun is shining, it’s getting warmer by the minute and Harry Holles and his band entertain us with a lively set of great live music to set us up for the day ahead.

We see a guest rapper join in part way through and Harry struts about with him.  This addition creates a great connection up there and the crowd are most definitely on side with some moving to the band.  They play a few songs currently unreleased which include the debut single Glory days released in May. This is an emotional vocal track.  HH wearing his heart and energy on his sleeve as he strums with enough movement to grab attention.   One to watch for sure, we liked this.

Calton Kelly

Local lad Calton Kelly is up next with a warm sunny sunday afternoon for some afternoon relaxation, lsandwich between 2 livlier acts is a little odd but thats no his fault. The crowd is still growing well at this time but most are sitting down chilling enjoying the sun whilst listening.

This does not detract from his ability to perform a nothing but flawless set of calming tracks for us, a few songs in we have a guest acoustic guitarist joining him. As for a performance to watch it was a little slow and clearly the attention is on delivering the sound with perfection. The set includes number of melodic tracks including Paradise and Through This.

Reece Bahia

Next up another home town rising star, bringing the energy back on the main stage is a high energy and vocal set from Reece.  His set consists of mixing and fusing electronic dance elements. The crowd are mainly standing at this point and have multiplied in numbers. Reece dances around the stage and interacts with ease with the rest of the band.

The set includes released song No-Better as well as unreleased songs.  The powerful ‘Made For Me’ is a tear jerker, and ‘Youre Mine’ where he invites the crowd to hold each other as many oblige.

A great set from a rising star.

The Selecter

Celebrating 40 years of 2 Tone in Coventry.  The Selecter were keeping up our spirits and activeness from the start.   Another band that have been going for a long time, and thanks goes out to a number of people, including Jerry Dammers and dearly departed John Bradbury, Jerry being a founder of 2 Tone and both members of The Specials. They proceed to open up with energetic Three Minute Hero to start the crowd on a dancing trip.

Ska is a style of music that well, anyone should be able to get along with, lose themselves and have fun.  It’s fairly easy going and happy music, especially when the bass is thumping away at our feet the beer is flowing and the sun is shiing down on us and not to mention to watch the band dancing away on stage and isn’t slowing down.

We have a guest appearance from Rhoda Dakar performing Rock Steady she receives huge applause.

The performance from these well-dressed Coventry band, includes Three Minute Hero, Too Much Pressure & Pressure Drop, Missing Words  and On My Radio 

Sugarhill Gang

A high energy blast from the past. We are entertained by the Sugarhill Gang who tell us that they started this and they started it from the Bronx.  Other artists of today just copied them, well there’s no denying that. This couldn’t be more engaging as they dance around the stage, well dressed and having fun as they command the crowd from start to finish.

Grand Master Melle Mel and Scorpio Furious 5 just added to the fun. The crowd were bouncing away as the gang made use of the full stage including climbing the sides.

The set included fan favourites Apache (Jump On It) , Rapper Delight and White Lines, this was undoubtedly a trip down memory lane and a big WOW….the guys still have it and the way they jumped around that stage and controlled the fans makes you think you’ve gone back in time….except…..its Godiva Festival 2019….

Great Set, Great Act and a good way to spend the afternoon.

Robin S

Well… what can I say here, a solo performer going as long as Robin has, who is still managing to entertain a large crowd. The dazzling smiles throughout and interaction with fans was pleasing to see.

The vocals are powerful displaying raw talent.  We all get older that’s life, but the hit that we all know is 25 years old and still a classic.

I’m not going to lie, I did think Robin would be oddly placed either side of lively acts but don’t fear Robin is here and she is ready to give us some sick beats and skills that many can’t do without technology.

The beats were thumping away and “are you ready, are you sure you’re ready, crowd singing, playing back and arms waving high throughout.

Many artists these days need to use synths or other changers to do what Robin does naturally, no mixing or vocal overlays….just pure live…. Some need to take a leaf out of her book. Whilst for me this is the only known track she belts through selection.

Quote  “I love you, I love you so much” and “go home and tell you mommas and your daddies that I love you too” showing her BIG Heart we love you too Robin.

Steel Banglez

Over in  the Rhythm tent is Steel Banglez.  I’m going to be honest, I’m not seeing what the fuss is all about but the crowd is seeing something I’m not.  Ok most of them are far younger than I am, maybe it’s just that I’m too old for this.

Today was Desi day and it was empty for most parts of the day. The tent is probably at the fullest it’s been all day. The fans going wild, several circle pits going down even a guy on crutches it getting stuck in!

There was ample interaction with fans and we got some fingers posing for a photo.  Not for me but absolutely for everyone else in attendance in the tent.

Afro Celt Sound System

Not your everyday type or style of music, although the tent is packed for these Sunday night headliners. These guys fuse electronic with Irish and West African music. An unusual array of instruments is on display being used by a variety of members, and the tent is very chilled and watching in awe.

They produce a nice calm atmosphere throughout the tent and while it is far from full Busted are having a pop time over the way.


Having seen these so recently at Birmingham Arena, I know what I’m in for! Regardless of whether you like the music or not, you will be singing along to their infectious lyrics. Busted originally date back 20 years and while now a bit older the show is just as good. They open up for us with Air Hostess and What I go to School For which makes the crowd wild from the off.

Charlie is back in the current line-up which is nice to see and the new drummer Eddy Thrower  (From Lower Than Atlantis) has all the charisma and attention seeking ability needed to entertain. They battle through all their hits ‘Thunderbirds are Go’, ‘Crashed the Wedding’  then to a calm ballad ‘Sleeping with the Light’.

Finishing off we get the expected return for a 2 song encore.  This gives us ‘Nineties’ and the wicked ‘Year 3000’ which goes down a treat. The crowd have hands and arms flailing away, fans on shoulders – what a great way to end the festival

For me a bit of short set when you’re having fun. The set flies through but it’s the same length as all the other acts have performed.  Everyone’s happy and almost all the crowd are content (despite a few venting about the language from the members of the band throughout).  To be fair, the tent was far worse all weekend as were some of the kids around the festival site and nobody mentions this.

So, this ends our Godiva 2019, there were many highlights for us created throughout all of the days.   Both the local acts and the acts from further away have impressed.

It’s surely one to be remembered.  The weather while it held steady through the majority of the time was toasty and humid.  The festival atmosphere was good for the most part, despite the tent having to close early on Saturday amid safety fears.  I’d say it went pretty well!

Who do we want to see for Godiva 2020?

Review and Photos: Chris Bowley

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