Go:Audio + Attack! Attack! + Paige @ Bar Academy, Birmingham – 13th August 2008

Go Audio @ Bar Academy 1 - Aug 2008

Support bands rarely ever get a good response at a gig due to the lack of fans showing, but Attack! Attack! manage it quite skillfully. They do what few supports do and get virtually the whole venue screaming for them, and this is before they’ve even begun playing!
As the first band on, they must have been expecting a quiet audience but they most certainly got the opposite. The band begin playing their first song and a bunch of girls chant a long each word, which comes as quite a surprise as Attack! Attack! are new kids on the scene. This however does not mean that they aren’t good, this band is sure to be quite a hit as their music career unfolds. With bouncy choruses similar to Go:Audio, of course people jump a long and wave their hands in the air.
After playing a good selection of songs Attack! Attack! advertise their Myspace page and leave the stage.

Already people are very hot and eager to see the next band, Paige, who after a long wait grace us with their presence. Once again they receive a positive response from the audience and begin playing a good set. After a few songs, I notice that this band is also much like Go:Audio, with bouncy choruses and a pop-rock sound, as were Attack! Attack!, this may then be seen as a rather ‘safe’ gig; the music is kept similar so people who are clearly fans of this genre won’t get bored.

As a band, Paige are very entertaining. Aesthetically, they seem to be a regular looking band but as soon as Lewis begins to sing, he turns out to be unexpected, the vocals are higher pitched than anticipated, but this is a good thing, it makes them different and if they continue getting this kind of response they too will have a good music career following.

Go Audio @ Bar Academy - Aug 2008

Finally, the time comes when the headliners enter the stage. Go:Audio are greeted with an ecstatic crowd, once again received by squealing girls, smiling faces and eager nudges forward, this must be something they have wanted since their band begun. As the third show of their first ever headlining tour, James Matthews (vocalist) must have been keen to see what kind of audience showed up in his home town, Birmingham. They find out by asking a rather pointless question, “Are there any Aston supporters here?” a small amount of people cheer. Josh Wilkinson (Keyboardist) responds by asking if there were any Chelsea supporters there, this got no response at all.

They begin playing their set and everyone really enjoys themselves, no one stands still and this is brilliant to see. Having seen this band before, it is amazing seeing how they have grown.

Go Audio @ Bar Academy 2 - Aug 2008

After playing a few songs, the band are thrown a shocking present, a slightly oversized bra! Josh is amused by this gift and gives it to Andy Booth (Drummer) who places it on his drums. Both band and audience laugh and James goes on to say how pleased he is to see so many people at their show and continues saying that their current single “She Left Me” will be the final song of the evening. They play it astoundingly and once again everyone dances and sings along. James blows kisses to the audience and the band leave stage. Everyone cheers and chants “Go Go Audio, Go Go Audio”. A small silence falls upon the venue and Go:Audio come back onstage. “You didn’t think we’d leave you like that did you?” James exclaims and they begin to play their next song and have to restart it as there was a little mistake made by James, who forgot the words. The final song of the evening is played and everyone is left feeling tired but impressed. They always give an excellent show. Go:Audio will soon be one very popular band!

Review – Georgina Walsh
Photos – Katja Ogrin

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