Fontaines DC

Fontaines DC @ O2 Academy, 22nd November 2022

Fontaines DC

On a rainy Monday Birmingham was lucky enough to have the famous Irish five-piece Fontaines DC return to the O2 Academy’ sold out main room. They came with a bang in 2017 and are not stopping any time soon, this time celebrating their newest album released earlier this year called Skinty Fia, an old Irish saying which translates to English as “the damnation of the deer”.

Fontaines DC

From start to finish it was a rollercoaster of chaotic post punk poetry and pure energy, as frontman Grian Chatten looked so natural on stage. In between bouncing around and waving his hands, his words to their fans were brief but his actions spoke louder while creating a powerful connection and encouraging them to cut loose. The smoke, strobe and lights created the perfect setup for a dazzling, edgy party with a crowd of all ages who came together to enjoy the intense songs, with their electrifying bass and hypnotic drums.

Skinty Fia

From deep and brooding to political and infectious, we were delighted by songs both old and new, like Sha Sha Sha, I Don’t Belong, Nabokov, Big Shot and also their album title, Skinty Fia. Everyone was hyped up and filled with energy. Some of the highlights were definitely Chequeless Reckless half way through and Jackie Down The Line towards the end, with every word coming back from all sides of the room towards the stage. The crowd was dancing with their hands in the air and singing at the top of their lungs, proving their dedication to the Irish quintet. The main act ended with Televised Mind, followed by the band leaving the stage with nothing more than a “Cheers” from Chatten.

The encore began with the short but powerful Big, followed by what became their signature song, Boys In The Better Land. The night ended on a high with the introspective sing along, I Love You, about the guilt of leaving Ireland and becoming successful.

As the lights turned on, the catchy refrain was still being hummed around the room as we made our way out, trying to grasp onto all the sumptuous intensity we just witnessed.



Supporting Fontaines DC was Wunderhorse, fronted by Jacob Slater, a band new to me but, judging from the first few notes, not a stranger to the crowd. Poppy was the first song of the night and to my surprise so many around me knew most of the words as Slater was jumping and smiling on the stage. The venue was more than half way full already and quickly filling up. Everyone started buzzing with energy, especially on Teal and Leader Of The Pack. A band still at the beginning but with similar vibes and energy as the beloved Fontaines DC.

Fontaines DC Setlist

1. A Hero’s Death
2. Sha Sha Sha
3. Television Screens
4. Skinty Fia
5. I Don’t Belong
6. You Said
7. Big Shot
8. Chequeless Reckless
9. Nabokov
10. Too Real
11. How Cold Love Is
12. A Lucid Dream
13. Roy’s Tune
14. Jackie Down The Line
15. Roman Holiday
16. Televised Mind

17. Big
18. Boys In The Better Land
19. I Love You


Review and photographs: Andra Tudoran


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