Errors @ The Rainbow, Birmingham – 12th February 2012

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Remember Remember IS Graeme Ronald. At least, it was until 2009 when the multi-instrumentalist/loop artist solidified the line-up into the seven-piece that appear tonight at The Rainbow in Digbeth. Brandishing glockenspiels and other lesser spotted percussion alongside the more traditional band elements, they are a daunting sight.

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Until they begin, that is, when the presence of brass and glockenspiels makes complete sense within the vast passages of epic noise. The five songs we hear all sound different, some beautiful, some exhilarating, yet all grow in both volume and intensity without exception- evidence of Ronald’s influence- and regularly carve out near-orchestral swells of pure delight. Superb.

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Errors have had quite the career thus far, forming in 2004 and rapidly being snapped up by Mogwai’s Rock Action label following some remarkably assured hometown performances. Within four years the band were filling coveted support slots for the likes of Underworld and label-mates Mogwai themselves.

Having incited actual dancing at Birmingham’s primarily Doom-Rock-based Supersonic Festival (which takes place mere minutes away from tonight’s venue) a few years ago, a considerable crowd is back to see the Glasgow 4-piece. With third album, ‘Have Some Faith In Magic’ only having dropped a fortnight ago, already a hefty portion of its tracks are muscling in on Errors’ set list. Despite never exactly being a raucous bunch, their new material moves away from the dreamlike, almost po-faced instrumentation of 2010’s Come Down With Me and edging into more confidently poppy territory.

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The band already seem extremely confident performing these songs, and they sit well amongst better known ones on offer tonight. Eliciting several requests, ‘Tusk’ already seem to be a fan favourite, and along with ‘Pleasure Palaces,’ gets heads nodding more readily than the older songs. Of these there are plenty though, and their arrival swaps out immediacy for more thoughtful stuff (some of the longer passages of synth pleasantly reminded me of Fuck Buttons), making the set a really enjoyable mix.

Both bands brightened the looming dark of a Sunday night in Digbeth; a considerable feat, made to look like a breeze.

Review – Jake Dowding
Photos – Alex Dean

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  1. I couldn’t agree more and the photos really capture the atmosphere in the Rainbow. Lovely, vivid colours. Vivid description. I think I’ve got some vivid in my pants.

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