Emile Sande – Our Version Of Events

Have you ever waited so long for something, but not quiet sure how to react when you get it? This was the case with the eagerly anticipated album of Half Scottish, half Zambian medience graduate from Abberden Scotland. Emile Sande

The album started with her notable first single “Heaven” then followed by “My Kind Of Love” then “Where I Sleep”. As the CD was going along there was never any doubt of Ms Sande vocal abilities; She was emmence. The album itself felt over produce with too much going on within the tracks, the sort of producing you would associate with the manufacted reality musicans.

Bearing in mind I was comparing this to her acoustic performances as seen on Jools Holland, Where it was just Emile, a guitar player and a precaution drummer. The album despite the over production has some very touching tracks with deep rooted underlying messages.

Overall the album is well worth the money. The album has certainly grown on me after a while leading to me looking beyond the over production and focusing more on Ms Sande version of events.

Chadwick Jackson

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