Download 2018 Press Day

Our avid Download supporter and photographer/reviewer Chris attended the Download press day ahead of this years festival here are his main points to note for this year.

The 2nd largest single festival of the year and one of the best Rock and Metal festivals is now upon us.   Download is now in its 16th year, overtaking how long Monsters of Rock ran for!  This year is again more positive.  There are no serious issues from last years festival and no weather for us Brits and attendees to complain about (but it’s usually us Brits).

So with a new year with few problems what can Download do better?

The big focus for this year’s festival is treating everyone as equal as everyone is a Download fan! To assist there will be a number of improvements around accessibility and a new ECO campsite.

The changes do not stop here, as organisers have also now agreed to have an onsite supermarket in the campsite provided by a partnership with COOP.

Key Changes

Accessibility improvements


Will see a new addition of a

  • British Sign Language performance interpretation at the main and second stage platforms
  • Walkway to the arena entrance has been laid with tarmac to replace gravel and stones
  • All stages now have a viewing platform for those with needs

Campsite Changes

  • Access campers will be able to drive their cars into the campsite on arrival to drop their equipment.  There will be a team of volunteers to help with unloading
  • The drop off pass allows access campers to be dropped off in the campsite to unload and also picked up on the Monday to load the car up
  • There will be an accessible sink and water point located close to the campsite hub
  • Wheelchair charging tent. Secure lockers with charging points, showers and a HDU in the campsite along with a food trader
  • Increased campsite check in facility to speed up entry, seats and toilets provided at check in

Going Green

Eco Campsite

  • Greenpeace are hosting a brand-new campsite in a beautiful part of the Donington Estate, home to ancient oak trees and native wildlife.  Creating a community within a community who value spending five glorious days in the great outdoors just as much as listening to their favourite bands.  Everyone keeps the camp clean and recycling is second nature.  Everything that is brought in is taken away again.
  • The Eco-Camp requires pre-registration but is no extra cost
  • All guests agree to take responsibility for their gear and any waste
  • All guests agree to separate their recycling and put residual waste in the bins provided
  • All guests agree to leave the Eco-Camp exactly how they found it


Our further coverage in advance of Download continues on Monday.

Download Festival runs from 8th to 10th June, 2018 at Donington Park.

Reviewer/Photographer: Chris Bowley


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