Dionne Warwick @ Symphony Hall, Birmingham – 31st May 2012

Graceful, elegant, show-stopping and engaging. These are just few words that come to mind when describing Dionne Warwick performance at the Symphony Hall to celebrate her 50 years in music.

The lady started her set with the unforgettable hit single, “Walk On By” which wasinstantly recognised by the audience. This was followed by ‘Heart Breaker’ and ‘Brasil’ where she surprised her fans by opting for a South American remix, which was met with rapturous applause all round . Personally, I do not think Dionne Warwick could have put a foot wrong. The performance was well received by everyone in the room. The vocals were supplemented by a fantastic band.

‘Do You Know The Way To San José’ sounded sublime and we were simply enthralled with her music.

In the weekend leading up to Queen’s Diamond Jubilee for 60 years of service, it felt only right to describe the night at the Symphony Hall Birmingham as The Golden Jubilee of Dionne Warwick for her 50 years of service to making great music.

Dionne’s final song on the night was ‘That’s What Friends Are For’. At the end of the performance the venue lit up not only by light but also pleased faces, smiles from ear to ear. Rewarded with a standing ovation, Dionne smiled, waved, bowed and left the stage. We were expecting an encore but did not get one. Come to think of it, 50 years in music is more than enough.

The modern day musician has not got a long to prove themselves like in the past, but having said that, Dionne Warwick has stood the test of time. Remaining true to her identity and making timeless music that can be passed down to generations for many more years to come. In Dionne’s day you had to work twice as hard to get the respect that some now get in fifteen minutes. Long may she reign.

Review – Chadwick Jackson

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