Day to Day Break Down for Barn on the Farm

We are officially one week away from Barn on the Farm! Our excitement is growing, our bags are being packed, and we are starting to get our schedules in order. As we make our schedule we figured we would help you make yours! Of course our top ten acts are already on our list, but who else should you fill your schedule with? We break down our day to day activities with a handful of artists to add to your festival schedule.

Thursday: those lucky enough to nab an intimate Thursday are in for a treat! There are some epic people on the line-up, including that mystery headliner, but here are a few highlights.

  • Clean Cut Kid: pairing pop rock enthusiasm with bubbly lyrics CCK offer a joyous sound that is dance party worthy!
  • Orla Gartland: Irish alt-pop star on the rise, Gartland’s music is poetic and powerful. Bringing some girl power to the stage her music will quickly become a favourite.
  • Nick Wilson: with new single ‘Colour Me In’ Wilson brings a sort of indie electro pop to the intimate Thursday evening, transforming the night with his spellbinding sound.

Friday: Behind Barn Door Friday is always an epic night. For some it is the start to their weekend, a perfect launching platform for the festival. This Friday has some epic people buried in the line-up, including the always favourite secret headliner!

  • OUTLYA: we know we highlighted OUTLYA last week, but the band is only on Friday’s line-up so make sure you don’t miss their electric performance.
  • Plested: we caught Plested’s set on the Farm last year and were swept away by his tender hearted yet powerful tunes. A singer songwriter with a little bit of an edge, his music is the perfect Barn on the Farm sound, getting you into that relaxed festival feeling.
  • Hamzaa: with powerful, expressively real tunes Hamzaa crafts poetic and poignant records that are not to be missed. Her intoxicating voice will no doubt be a favourite for Friday.
  • Luna Bay: anthemic pop rock Luna Bay creates infectiously delicious, ear worm worthy tunes that will kick off your festival weekend with energy!
  • Mosa Wild: a dash of indie energy, a sprinkle of signer songwriter simplicity, Mosa Wild is a band that mixes sound and texture into beautifully crafted and curated work. We are excited to see how their energy translates onto the stage.

Saturday: the full weekend officially kicks off on Saturday! Here are a few artists to work into your schedule.

  • Zak Abel: Abel is no newcomer to our Birmingham Live family. We met him at last years festival and automatically fell in love with his pop hits and swingy bluesy rock moments. Abel is also incredibly lovely with fans, so make sure you catch his set and snag a picture with the budding artist.
  • Swim Deep: with a new album to be released in October, we are hoping Swim Deep may reveal some of their newest tunes at the festival. While this is a hope and not a certainty, Swim Deep’s dream infused indie pop rock tunes wont disappoint. Plus they are Birmingham natives, so cant miss a good little Brummie fest!
  • The Japanese House: we had the pleasure of previewing The Japaense House’s most recent release, and were overwhelmed by the beauty of each song. Taking the songs to the stage, we are excited for the atmospheric electronic songs.
  • Sea Girls: we are very much fans of Sea Girls, and have had the pleasure of seeing them a handful of times! They return to the BotF stage full of electricity and energy. Their sets are lively, a nice pick-me-up for that festival lull.
  • The Howl and The Hum: melodic dark rock pop band The Howl and The Hum offer waves of sonic brilliance that will induce some good head bobbing.
  • Sam Johnson: that sweet singer songwriter style is perfected by Johnson. His distinctive voice has a lovely little twang, a unique characteristic that you will fall in love with.

Sunday: the final evening! You will no doubt be dragging your tired, perhaps sunburned body out of your tent for another day of festivity. With headliner Maggie Rogers and a special performance from Lewis Capaldi, the night will no doubt be spectacular. Here are a few other artists to add to your days list.

  • Grace Carter: with powerful bluesy pop vocals Carter offers a rich tone and texture to the day. We loved catching Carter last year, so make sure she is on your list.
  • Ten Tonnes: with a grizzly sound and an other worldly tone, Tonnes music echoes through the festival field. His boyish charm and mature sound through your brain into a tizzy, but a delightful tizzy that you will love.
  • Rhys Lewis: bringing that stripped back singer songwriter vibe to the Farm, Rhys offers up beautifully poignant and poetic tunes that are rich and moody. Showcasing the best of that sort of genre, Rhys’ sound will play well with the festival vibe.
  • The Pale White: with strong rock songs and some new delightful singles, The Pale White are a group not to miss! Punk meets classic rock, their set will add a little electricity to your day.
  • Cassia: light hearted indie afro rock band Cassia will quickly become a new favourite. Their songs are sonic layers of joyful sound, a sort of gleefully curated record that will brilliantly light up the stage.



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