Chvrches @ o2 Academy, 25th November 2015

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Scottish Indie/Pop band Chvrches – I can honestly say this is the best performance I have seen so far this year. It is without doubt obvious this band has huge potential and will continue to rise in popularity. They have well thought-out catchy tracks such as Never Ending Circles, Leave A Trace, Make Them Gold and Clearest Blue. The first thing I noticed is the lack of drum kit which, having never seen them live or really heard them before, felt a little bit odd and the banks of  keyboards/synthesisers had me wondering what sort of show I was going to be in for.

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As the gig started the entrance was amazing and explosive with singer Lauren Mayberry silhouetted in a doorway and walking into an explosion of purple light whilst belting out Never Ending Circles, bouncing left to right up and down on the boxes singing to the crowd, leaning over pulling out some moves. It was clear this petite girl has so much energy, with tight vocals and much more to give.Of the other two, Martin Doherty was bouncing the entire time showing Lauren is not the only one with energy whilst Iain Cook was busy concentrating most of the time with only the odd change in pose and dishing out some moves.

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She then spoke to the crowd saying “we have been on tour since September and it’s good to be back in the UK where people can understand us instead of having to talk different!”Martin Doherty took the mic and belts out Under The Tide, I don’t think that this was the best performance of the night but it was nice to see and hear and he maintained audience participation getting the crowd jumping throughout the song.  He later thanked the crowd them for coming and supporting them, also said he thinks they have played in every room in this venue.

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The band chose to finish the set on Clearest Blue, which was delivered with awe from the crowd, hands in the air and everyone dancing to the catchy beat. But it was clear everyone wanted to stay and was not ready to go home, this was the loudest crowd I heard waiting for an encore clapping them to come back on.

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The encore was the highlight for me, A heart wrenching After Glow with solid sorrowful vocals The visuals for this track were basic, consisting of Lauren lit up by spot lights and for this she was placed in the doorway with yellow light bleeding through and silhouetting her through the frame. This was easily one of my favourite performances of the night and whilst not the most active it had deep meaning. But they couldn’t leave it there as we would all be weeping as we went home.

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This moves us onto the last song from their first album, Afterglow.. They were quite conservative with the set list with each of the two albums so far each equally represented, although I feel Every Open Eye is the clear winner. The Mother We Share was a great song to finish off their show and a great song too, with energetic chants and dancing from the crowd who then went home happy.

Chvrches – Go out and see them, you will not regret it.


Set List

Never Ending Circles

We Sink

Keep You on My Side


Make Them Gold

Empty Threat


Playing Dead



Bury It

Under the Tide


Leave a Trace

Clearest Blue




The Mother We Share


Review and photographs: Chris Bowley


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