Chiodos + Exit 10 + Random Conflict + Sonny Moore @ The Barfly – 7th February 2009


Doors were delayed an hour, so the place next door opened its doors to the freezing crowd, only to have them leaving shortly after, running from the horrendous indie mix blasting out louder than any of the bands.

So the cold was braved and we were treated with Sonny Moore starting his DJ minutes after the doors opened. Instead of his rather unusual solo stuff, the man decided that today he would be a DJ. An impressive set of songs mixed in with heavy dance beats and techno failed to excite the audience. This is not the first time a DJ has died because they are in support of a band rather than the other way around.


Random Conflict are up next, and being local boys have brought down about 5 people. It’s strange that a band that are supposed to be big in the birmingham scene are completely unknown to this audience. They kick things off with brutal metalcore, with impressive energy (and mullets) on stage. However, when you start things brutal, and stay brutal throughout, things get old pretty quick. This band really suffer from a lack of diversity, so the songs mush together and the set starts to drag. With a bit more inventiveness these guys would be really good.


The sound of Exit 10 is something that has been heard before, but they do a good job of chucking in some great riffs, the songs are diverse and intricate while still retaining a catchiness that is often lost. One thing confuses me though, a band that plays a style like this (hardcore/metal/rock I’m not really sure) have a singer that sounds completely out of place – yet it works. As the band started I expected one of two things from the vocals, screaming or high pitched vox along the vein of Kids in Glass Houses or Circa Survive. But instead it’s real rock, lower pitched and aggressive without being growly. It put me off to start with, but while I definitely preferred the vocals when the went to the higher ranges, the voice did grow on me. This band are impressive live and definitely worth checking out at some point.


Finally Chiodos appear to impressive screaming from the female members of the crowd. Clearly the lead vocalist is something of a looker, and as the set pans out, one hell of a showman. The band are pretty technical, and perform well on stage, the PA was incredible, which makes a very nice change, meaning that all the instruments could be heard well. The band tear through a cut-down set with screams of ‘take it off’ and ‘I want your babies’ between each song. They truely put on an impressive show, with the instrumentalists taking a back seat in the exhibitionism to ensure incredibly high musicianship while the frontman does a simply excellent job of providing the visual entertainment. At one point the guy was sat on the hands of the audience, suspended by the fans that clearly love him crooning his lyrics as they sang with him. High quality stuff all the way through, definately a band not to be missed next time they’re in town.


A “well done” is also deserved for the PA guy, who managed to an incredible job of balancing the acts. Every band was clear, and it really improved the overall quality. Very nice to have a good mix, and the first time in a long time that it’s been heard.

Review – Terra Duff
Photos – Adam Spall

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1 thought on “Chiodos + Exit 10 + Random Conflict + Sonny Moore @ The Barfly – 7th February 2009

  1. Thanks for the review,

    for the record though, we sold 50 tickets (our full quota) at a show which is outside our usual audience. Considering there was a massive Hardcore show the other side of town which took all our regular fans(Ligeia), and Alkaline Trio at the academy, i think we did really well (especially at ten quid a ticket). However it was a great experience to play a completely different audience and i really appreciate the response we got.

    Please come and review a Hardcore show 🙂

    RC x

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