Charli XCX @ o2 Institute, 28th October 2019

This was the 2nd night of Charli XCX’s Uk tour in support of her latest album “Charli”.
Unusually for a pop show the music before Charli came onto the stage was not up beat music hyping the crowd but the subtle piano sounds of Chopin being played through the packed O2 Institutes sound system.

This was defiantly the quiet before the storm, as the music and lights dimmed the crowd were now overpowering the classical music with chants of CHARLI CHARLI. The stage was illuminated by a pulsating cube in the centre of the stage.

Not hanging around, Charli runs on stage and blasts through the high energy opener “Next Level Charli” quickly followed by “Click”.  Charli was running around the stage with the cube still pulsating displaying a multitude of colours as “click” continued the high energy start before slowing the tempo down slightly with “I Don’t Want to Know”.

The tempo didn’t slow down for very long as over the next few songs the energy levels went up even more with Charli shouting out to the packed crowd “ let me see you dance Birmingham”.

During the 20 song show Charli thanked the crowd saying she wouldn’t be where she is today without all the loyal fans that have put her there.   A great night at the Institute.


Next Level Charli Click
I Dont want to know (outfit change) vroom vroom
Cross you out
February 2017 (outfit change) Thoughts
White Mercedes official
Shake it
I got it
track10 / blame it silver cross


Unlock it
I love it
Boys 1999/easyfun

Review and Photos – Andy Watson

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