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Megadeth @ Birmingham Academy – 22nd February 2008

Evile’s Matt Drake must be in his element. Originally formed as a covers band in Huddersfield, he and his mates now sees themselves opening for their heroes in front of a jam packed Academy. Not only that, but their half hour set of Metallica/Slayer-influenced speed metal has clearly won over the notoriously tough Megadeth crowd. […]

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Reel Big Fish – Carling Academy Birmingham – 21/02/08

Third Wave Ska stalwarts Reel Big Fish open tonight’s show with Sell Out and don’t let up until they’ve wrung every last drop of energy from the crowd. Parting ways with their record company and the loss of bass player Matt Wong would have slowed most bands down a little but the band seem as […]

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Cut Off Your Hands, Cazals & Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man @ The Barfly – 21st February 2008

When you go to a gig you expect the loud music and the press of bodies to keep you nice and warm but last night it was even colder inside the Barfly than it was outside. In a city the size of Birmingham, for barely 40 people to make it out to see three decent, […]

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The Dillinger Escape Plan @ Birmingham Academy 2 – 20th February 2008

It’s a Wednesday night in Birmingham and Academy 2 has fallen into absolute chaos. The two security men down the front struggle to control the constant stream of bodies hurling themselves over the barrier. And that’s just members of the band heading into the crowd! The Dillinger Escape Plan have something of a reputation. That […]

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Jimmy Eat World @ Birmingham Academy – 19th February 2008

Jimmy Eat World singer Jim Adkins is not your typical frontman of a multi-platinum selling punk rock band. If you didn’t know better you’d happily believe him if he told you he were a teacher or a solicitor. And yet here he is on stage at the Academy in front of 3000 adoring fans with […]

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Gallows @ Birmingham Academy – 16th February 2008

Frank Carter can rail all he likes against fans making idols of bands but if he’s a subject of adulation it’s no doubt a result of his thrillingly visceral and menacingly charismatic performances. If there’s a single reason why Gallows have been embraced (if a little cautiously) by mainstream indie and won plays on Radio […]

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Kaiser Chiefs @ Birmingham Barfly – 15th February 2008

After two massive albums and a fairly meteoric rise to the realms of indie superstars, Kaiser Chiefs are more often than not found parading around stadiums or headlining festivals before a cast of thousands. So it’s surprising to find them performing to a few hundred punters down at Birmingham’s Barfly on a Friday night in […]

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Bullet For My Valentine @ Wolves Civic Hall 1/2/08

Within 60 seconds of hitting the stage, the sold out Civic Hall is a sea of bodies jumping and punching the air, every face fixed on a band who know exactly how to work a room while throwing down monstrous riffs and thundering beats. This, however is not the headlining act. It’s only 7:30 and […]

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Baroness, Kylesa & Taint – Birmingham Medicine Bar 29/1/08

If there were any doubt as to where tonight’s Capsule gig was being held, the rattling shutters of the Medicine Bar might just give the game away! South Wales three-piece Taint certainly know how to make a big noise and their heavy groove has set things off nicely. Paying tribute to the home of Black […]

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Stars @ Birmingham Barfly – 28/01/08

Much has been made about the thriving Montreal music scene of late but in truth only The Arcade Fire have made any real major impact on an international level. Fellow Quebecors, Stars have slowly but surely been building a following in the UK since their second album “Set Yourself On Fire” and accompanying single “Ageless […]

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Editors + Whispering Sons @ Arena Birmingham 27th February 2020

It made a nice change to go to a gig and not get battered about on the way there by […]

The Boys Are Back @ Symphony Hall, 25 February 2020

If you’ve come to this review expecting to see something about Thin Lizzy, you’re in the wrong place. No, this […]

The 1975 @ Arena Birmingham, 25th February 2020.

There’s often a conversation about where the future female headliners are or even female acts on festival line-ups. Well a […]

The Murder Capital + Egyptian Blue + Unorthodox Coolock @ O2 Institute 24th Feb 2020

It’s easy to get carried away in the here and now, especially with music.  Sometimes you have the feeling that […]

Palaye Royale @ KK’s Steel Mill Wolverhampton 23rd February 2020

What a week it has been for Palaye Royale , the first show of the uk tour in Glasgow was […]

Album Review Humanist – Humanist

Rob Marshall, one time sonic backbone of the stupendous Exit Calm, has surfaced under the pseudonym Humanist. I could cut […]