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Kill Hannah @ The Sanctuary, Birmingham – 1st May 2008

Tonight’s Kerrang Raw gig sees Kill Hannah return to a smaller venue, a setting they are much more suited to than at their recent main Academy appearance. With lasers flying off the walls and smoke machines filling the darkened room, the atmosphere is much more intense. However, the majority of the crowd are fairly young […]

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Lightspeed Champion @ Birmingham Academy 2 – 1st May 2008

The first band onstage tonight were Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man. The band at first looked rather unsteady, vocalist, Frederick tapping his microphone like a curious uninitiated performer. After the first song however, the band soon warmed up. Frederick has a voice which is rather loud and very deep, (if you imagine the deep tone and bass pitch of […]

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Ill Nino @ Birmingham Academy 2 – 29th April 2008

When I arrived at the Academy 2 tonight first band of the night Civillian!! had already taken to the stage. With their rather melodic vocals yet heavy metal guitars, at first glance, seemed an unlikely choice to open the show. They only looked young, but what they lacked in age they made up for in […]

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Envy & Other Sins @ Birmingham Barfly – 29th April 2008

With their tour coming to an end, it was bound to be a good night at the Barfly. Envy and Other Sins returned to their hometown of Birmingham to play at the relatively small venue, and it was a brilliant night! Doors opened at around 7pm, but we were let in slightly earlier because of […]

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The Kooks @ Birmingham Academy – 27th April 2008

It was a packed (and I mean PACKED) and excitable Birmingham Academy that greeted The Kooks on Sunday evening for a gig that has been sold out for what seemed like an eternity. Before the boys hit the stage, it became apparent that the Kooks, in their short time in the musical spotlight, have acquired […]

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Soulwax @ The Custard Factory Warehouse, Birmingham – 26th April 2008

The scene was set.  Eager party goers shuffled around as the Custard Factory opened its arms to the mammoth touring machine that is the Soulwax ‘Part of the Weekend Never Dies’ Tour.  Over the last six years I have followed Soulwax from their initial gigs as 2Many Dj’s, then as they evolved, the Nite Versions Tour.  They have progressed from […]

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Mindless Self Indulgence + Templeton Pek @ Birmingham Academy – 25th April 2008

Less than a year ago, New York’s Mindless Self Indulgence were playing a far from sold out Wolverhampton Wulfrun, yet on this tour their sudden rise to fame sees them in front of a crowd of well over 2000. Their fans seem to be getting younger, probably due to their appearances in Kerrang and bassist, […]

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Björk @ Wolverhampton Civic Hall – 25th April 2008

From the light of the bar I pushed through the crowd in the darkened venue, trying to avoid standing on too many toes while my eyes adjusted. Leila was on stage rolling out punishing, glitchy, industrial rhythms; electronic swathes draped over breakbeats, punctured by the occasional snatch of recorded speech. It was an awesome way […]

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Opeth + Arch Enemy + Devildriver + 3 Inches Of Blood @ Birmingham Academy – 23rd April 2008

With tonight’s ‘Defenders of the Faith’ show boasting four great metal bands on the bill, the timing is tight, meaning 3 Inches of Blood are hitting the stage as the doors open. As the crowd run in, the band’s cries of ‘Get your asses in here’ are quickly obeyed as the room rapidly fills with […]

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Gogol Bordello @ Birmingham Academy – 22/04/08

I’ll admit it – I’m somewhat in love with Eugene, or at least what he represents. It’s my ulterior motive for going to a Bordello gig. The opportunity to see him prance about, unhinged and untamed. I find myself naively fantasising about the romance of a gypsy lifestyle, of having adventures in far eastern lands, […]

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The Blinders interview April 2019

It’s been just over a year since I last interviewed The Blinders, but it feels like longer because so much […]

Indoor Pets @ The Flapper, 15th April 2019

Let me pitch you a paragraph. Formerly Get Inuit, the recently re-named Indoor Pets are currently touring the UK in […]

Billy Lockett + Ferris & Sylvester @ O2 Institute, 12th April 2019

I have been listening to Ferris & Sylvester for a while now so I was excited to see them live. […]

The Xcerts + Paris Youth Foundation + Novacub @ Castle and Falcon, 11th April 2019

On arriving it was nice to see from the beginning there was a large audience already at the venue to […]

Indoor Pets play The Flapper on 15th April

Birmingham Promoters bring Indoor Pets to play The Flapper on the 15th April and it promises to be a good night. […]

Sundara Karma @ O2 Institute, 10th April 2019

The sun was shining on Wednesday evening as opening the show at O2 Institute in Birmingham were Alfie Templeman and […]