Cambridge Folk Festival 27th – 30th July, 2017

In 1965 a group of folk loving individuals bandied together to create a weekend of folk music and fun, birthing what is now Cambridge Folk Festival. Celebrating its 53rd year the festival promises to bring excellent folk tunes set against the beautiful setting of Cherry Hinton Hall.

While attracting thousands upon thousands, the festival has still maintained a uniquely warm and intimate feeling. This year the festival is also bringing in guest curator Jon Boden, curating a line-up that is promising to be extraordinary while still maintaining the promised ethos attributed to the festival. The Cambridge Folk Festival, with its exceptional line up and festival ethos, is one not to miss.

Here are a few artists to highlight in this years line up.

Jake Bugg

Jake is no newcomer to the festival or to the folk scene. Headlining Sunday night Jake is set to bring depth and mystery to the folk stage. The young talent is making waves on the scene, and so to catch his performance is to see the budding talent before he dominates

Chris T-T

Christ T-T is not your traditional folk singer yet his music is intoxicating and rich. A major player on the acoustic punk scene, Chris will bring a different sort of flavour to the Cambridge Folk Festival stage. With ten albums under his belt his set will be a lovely mixture of beloved classics and new sounds.

Charlie Grey and Joseph Peace

Charlie Grey and Joseph Peace have an impressive resume for such a young band. Finalist for BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Awards and an album that was shortlisted for the FATEA Magazine ‘Instrumental Album of the Year’ their music has won accolades, and rightfully so. The Scottish folk group bring about the traditional folk sound with a pop undertone that will delight all ages.

She Shanties

The all female She Shanties are twelve lovely ladies who create transcendent folk, blending their harmonious voices into a sea of sound that washes over those who listen. With new material paired with their 2015 EP the She Shanties will bring about lovely harmonized songs that are not to be missed.

Amelia Coburn

Young solo artist Amelia is part Taylor Swift part Megan Trainor. Armed with her ukulele and heavenly voice, Amelia wows crowds with her pop folk sound that has hints of rock.

River Mathews

River Mathews is a soul folk singer based in Woking, Surrey. His music is stirring and soulful, with the type of grit that makes for a perfect soul singer, which pairs wonderfully with this story telling folk structure. River’s music will stir deeply into your heart and soul, moving anyone who comes to listen to his set.

Midnight Skyracer

Anglo-Irish bluegrass band is not only an all female band, but it is one of the best bluegrass bands ever heard. The catchy foot stomping songs will propel even the most sullen to dance and let free. The perfect sound for getting the festival party started.William the Conqueror

Bluesy Americana band William the Conqueror brings a little outlaw into the folk indie scene. Their ability to tell stories in the songs is unparalleled, while their grit and tone bring an interesting flavour to the music scene. The slight darkness and outlaw feel bring about an intriguing quality, making you wants to know and hear more.

Benjamin Francis Leftwich

Benjamin’s soft voice and angelic sonic sound enwrap the listeners in ease and joy. The acoustic singer songwriter brings a bit of a softer side to the harder edges of folk, a soothing tonality that allows the listeners to breath in deeply. His set promises to be one of great splendour and grace.

Jon Cleary

New Orleans funk master Jon Cleary brings a bit of swing to the folk festival. The perpetual sonic exploration of Jon and band bring a flurry of noise and excitement to the stage. You will immediately be swept onto the dance floor, sliding around in your dancing shoes in perpetual motion and glee.


Preview: Kylie McCormick

Photo courtesy of PR.

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