Busted @ Resorts World Arena, 29th March 2019

Following their best efforts of trying to forget their neon pop come back, Busted have returned to their pop punk roots and this was reflected in the support acts for last night’s show at Resorts World Arena in Birmingham. The show was opened by Holygood (formerly Light You Up), Brigade and The Xcerts of which only The Xcerts produced anything of note. They’re an arena band and always have been, it’s certainly their time to shine soon with wonderful songs and an engaging stage presence.
Following their purple tinged pop come back, Busted have returned to their original style to bring out ‘Half Way There’ of which this tour is of the same name.

Opening with ‘Nineties’ behind a dropping curtain, the group took the Resorts World Arena on an hour and a half journey of nostalgia but also some great tracks from their latest releases.

It’s perhaps the old tracks that people had come to see however that’s not to say that the newer songs don’t stand up against them. Tracks such as ‘Shipwrecked In Atlantis’, ‘Reunion’ and ‘Radio’ worked wonderfully alongside older tracks such as ‘Falling For You’, ‘She Wants To Be Me’ and ‘3AM’.

Backed by a giant screen and impressive light set up, it was great to see the original line up back together with Charlie Simpson, proving why he’s an irreplaceable band member, who has fantastic vocals. There was certainly no bad blood or animosity amongst the group with them with all laughing and joking amongst themselves and the crowd.

Of course, all the hits were there such as ‘Crashed The Wedding’, ‘Air Hostess’, ‘What I Go To School For’ and ‘Year 3000’, sounding as fantastic as they did on the day they were released.

A shout out must also be had for the drummer on this tour, Eddy Thrower of Lower Than Atlantis fame who did a wonderful job of both complementing the songs but adding his own flavour.

Busted have reached the point in their career where they know what fans expect and want and play to that for all it’s worth. And it’s bloody wonderful.

Review: Dan Earl

Photos: Chris Bowley

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