Bury Tomorrow +36 Crazyfists + Cane Hill @ o2 Institute, 12 December 2018

Cane Hill came onstage to an already packed out 02 Institute main room; the largely mixed demographic audience arriving early to catch most of the bands on this impressive line-up. 

The metalcore band from the States showed great confidence onstage, with singer Elijah Witt showcasing his powerful screaming voice, along with some captivating falsetto cleans; comparable with Jonathan Davis’ style with Korn.

‘It Follows’ bares some very creamy riffs; Alice In Chains anyone? With Avenged Sevenfold’s testosterone fuelled groove thrown in and Corey Taylor’s Slipknot vocals you end up with a great song, just oozing brutality.

‘Too Far Gone’ features a few more of Elijah’s distorted, almost whispered cleans with but with harsher vocals expertly blended in with them. This song has a quicker more hardcore feel to it, ‘Are you mad that you can’t be, Like me? Too far gone’.

They impressed me and will have gained a few more fans tonight.

36 Crazyfists. I’ll admit that I was a little shocked to see this band on a tour in the UK, it’s definitely one for the old-school nu-metal fans of the 2000s.

‘Death Eater’ (2017) one from their latest album showcases beautifully what made this band so popular.   Brock’s perfect vocal styles of screaming and cleans with that falsetto again being prominent very similar to the previous band Cane Hill and Korn.

‘At The End of August’ (2004), the band hit the audience with an old one and it goes down a treat. Brock looks delighted to receive such a warm welcome onstage and it was a joy too see; many bands these days arrogantly demand audiences to respect them and it usually has the opposite effect. ‘The Heart and The Shape’ (2004) had a similar effect, the audience old and young throwing themselves about and re-living some nostalgic memories involving MP3 Players and no doubt some long fringes.

‘Bloodwork’ (2004), the band unleash a banger midway through their set and the opening notes are greeted with cheers. The majority of this song is sung word for word by the fans. 

‘Sorrow Sings’ (2015) another notable track is thrown out and this one sounded like a straight Korn song to me which is definitely not a bad thing. Heavy riffs and frantic, wavering vocals from Brock give it more of a heavy rock feel but nevertheless it’s effective. ‘Slit Wrist Theory’ (2002) was left right until the end and the crowd showed their appreciation vocally.

Underrated band; they have their bangers but the other songs deserve more attention.

Bury Tomorrow came out to a fully packed out main room in Birmingham tonight, over 2000 people according to Dani. It’s great to see so many people out for a bill of largely metal acts. Metal music will never die.

Kicking things off violently with ‘No Less Violent’ (2018), the band explodes onto the stage with Dani’s explosive screaming, ‘Keep back or remain silent, why? Because we’re no less violent’, with Jason’s clean cutting through to provide some more melodic segments as their style has been for the past 12 years.

‘Earthbound’ (2016) a banger from their last album, the band has evidently got a little more technical since earlier material and it shows here. ‘I can see there’s much hope in changing this world, But no-one’s listening’, the song contains lyrical content focused on change and adaptability in harsh environments. It’s fascinating because it can be seen as their view of the music industry or equally as relatable to a teenager going through a break-up.

‘An Honourable Reign’ (2012), one of my favourite songs by the band. The cleans from Jason and Dani again are perfect in this song, just listen to the start and you’ll be hooked. Also a perfect song to sing along to with some catchy lyrics right up until the very last line, ‘As long as our hearts are beating, We will always find our way’. 

Dani takes some time to thank the fans for being there and, like always, gestures that he will be over by their merch table at the end if anyone fancies a catch up. If any band is dedicated and happy to talk to their fans it is Bury Tomorrow; their attitude is like no other.

Other notable songs included ‘Knife of Gold’ (2018), visceral and heavy as hell. This song for me reminded me of Parkway Drive, Dani’s screams taking more of a high pitch with some cheeky death growl lows, thrown in for good measure. Jason’s vocals again providing just the right amount of a hook for fans to latch onto and sing along with, before Dani crushes back in with more outstandingly heavy vocals. The crowd never takes a breather during this entire set; it is awash with circle pits and arms pointed in the air.

‘Last Light’ (2016), perhaps Bury Tomorrow’s deepest song thematically. It deals with the death of a close loved one and describes how they’ll meet each other ‘at the gates’. Love seeing this one live. ‘Man on Fire’ (2014), the very first song I heard by the band. ‘We’re all the same, Seeking comfort in the knowledge we’re insane’, lyrically it focuses on themes such as mental health and is performed with intent and experience by the band who have come a long way since it’s release.

The crowd go crazy the moment they leave the stage giving way for the song ‘Black Flame’ (2018) to be played last. It was pure chaos.

‘No metal band ever makes it without selling out’, are you sure?

Review and photos by Neale Hayes

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