Bruno Major @ o2 Institute, 4 May 2018

To say Bruno Major has had a stellar year would be a gross understatement. In the past year the mind blowing talented artist has released his debut album, A Song for Every Moon, to great praise and quickly followed the release with an opening slot for crooner Sam Smith. Taking a respite from stadium shows, Major finds himself on his own headlining tour that includes stops in the USA and sold out London show. At the O2 Institute Bruno Major entranced fans with his incredible songs, creating an atmosphere that was otherworldly and electric.

A Song for Every Moon finds Major writing a song monthly, becoming an album that is more like an expertly woven tapestry of time then a single systematic release.  Each song is similar in that it combines hauntingly deep lyrics regarding life and love with sonic elements of jazz, blues, cascading guitar and electronic punches. The music is intoxicating, an elixir of soul revealing truth and genuinely pleasing sound. It is this incredible balance that Bruno brings to each and every show, a penetrating truth that defies reality that was on full display at the O2 Institute.

Sauntering on with his band, Bruno Major started with fan favourite ‘Wouldn’t Mean a Thing.’ The song truly encapsulates the sonic perfection of Major; mixing in elements of singer songwriter simplicity and truth with electronic, bluesy, jazz and guitars the song is an amalgamation of a totality of elements that seamlessly bend together to create a harmonious, exhilarating, poignant song. As fans silently mouth the lyrics, showing devotion but not wanting to disturb the perfection of the moment, it was clear that the night would be a special one.

The light notes of ‘Like Someone in Love,’ ‘Fair- Weather Friend,’ and ‘The First Thing You See’ were juxtaposed by the blasting instrumental breaks. Bruno and band took turns in between lyrics, with insane riffs and drum solos that brought about pure elation.  The lightness dissipated as ‘Cold Blood’ streamed through the speakers. The song has a heavier electronic vibe, an uptake in emotion and sound.

Moving from his guitar to the keys, Major slips into the back corner of the stage to play brooding ‘Just the Same’ and bright ethereal ‘Places We Wont Walk.’ Tucked into the corner and playing behind shrouds of light, the songs take on an even more intimate quality. As Major plays he also relates the stories behind the songs, allowing us to step behind the curtain to hear about the pain and longing that brought about the songs. Hoping back onto the guitar and into the forefront, Major rounds out the set with ‘Giant Steps,’ ‘There’s Little Left,’ and ‘Easily.’

Fading into a fake end, Major walks off the stage only to reappear in seconds to monstrous screams. Slow magical ‘Second Time’ was followed by a cover of Drake’s ‘Hold On Were Going Home’ closing the night with fan favourite ‘Home.’

Bruno Major has the ability to stop time and steal fans breaths; his show was intimate and exciting, a reflection of his eclectic yet relatable sound. Fans were not only wowed by his insane talent, but blessed by his ability to transform such a small space into a wonderland.  With A Song for Every Moon Bruno Major vividly paints a world of depth and purpose, a world that he brought to life at the O2 Institute on a warm Friday night.


Reviewer: Kylie McCormick

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