Breton – Other People’s Problems

Breton – Other People’s Problems
(Fatcat Records)
Out Now

Listen to this if you like these:
LCD Soundsystem, Foals, Tom Vek, Burial, Friendly Fires

I have no doubt that if you listen to this album you will be captivated from the very first few bars of the fantastic opening track Pacemaker right until the finale of The Commission. OK so this is a very brave and bold statement that I am making but if you like the bands that I have mentioned above then you will not be disappointed.
The group, named after surrealist Andre Breton are a bunch of filmakers who created music for their work and as such have created a masterpiece that seems to work on all levels of your consciousness.
You could compare the album to watching a film in many respects. There are intelligent, fast moving elements that grab you and don’t seem to let go, there are those moments that you want to relive and see again after you’re done watching, and there are the rough around the edges moments which actually turn out to be something altogether extraordinary in the end.
Following a series of superb EP’s (one of which you can grab for free via the bands Facebook page) and a couple of single releases leading up to the release of this album (with fantastic track Kensington System not on the album) Breton have crafted an album that is altogether unique, beautifully chilled and yet totally exhilarating all at the same time.

Review by Imran Khan

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