Bowling for Soup + Patent Pending @ O2 Academy, Birmingham – Saturday 19th October 2013


Bowling For Soup announcing a ‘farewell tour’ was nothing short of a sad day, but a mention from Jaret that it isn’t goodbye helps soften the blow. With the Academy full of a mix of old and new fans we all waited anxiously for the one and only support band of the night Patent Pending. Having never heard of them, I wasn’t expecting much. Perhaps just another support band you jump about to and then never hear of again? Certainly not! Patent Pending hit the stage running jumping and didn’t stop for the entire set. With an amazing stage presence and a array of jokes, stunts and cheesy boyband style dancing, they captured the crowd and set the tone for a lively, fun evening of pop punk tunes.




Playing songs like ‘Hey Mario’ where the crowd had to jump on the iconic coin sound from the game and ‘Douchebag’ they kept us fully entertained, never less than during their unique ‘Crowd Swimming’ and a rendition of The Big Bang Theory theme tune which got the whole crowd singing along. Originating from New York they are definitely one to see again in the future which is just as well as they will be back in Birmingham in April.


After a short wait Bowling For Soup started their set with ‘Critically Disdained’ and followed with all the classics you would expect, plus a few extras along the way. They introduced us to couple of their songs featured on the latest album ‘Lunch Drunk Love’ which evened out the old with the new, creating a sense of travelling through a journey of years with them. The guys certainly have a way with words and kept us laughing between songs as well as singing along during them. Joining them on stage, the lads from Patent Pending made a welcome addition to the classic ‘Ohio (come back to texas)’ and Ryan Hamilton making an appearance to play ‘Prettiest Girl in the World’ which also added that something extra to the night.

A little advice from frontman Jaret, if someone gives you credit for something, take it. This being said the band continued to play a cover of ‘Staceys Mom’ a song commonly thought to be their own. This wasn’t the only cover of the night, the band also played ‘Circles’ and a much better than the original version (in my opinion anyway) of Britney Spears hit song ‘Baby one more time’. Of course they threw in a photo opportunity, with its own catchy tune and a well known cartoon theme song to complete the BFS experience and wrapping up the night with ‘1985’ ensured they ended on a high note.


Whilst this is their ‘Farewell tour’, several references to it not being goodbye leave us hopeful that even if they don’t plan on returning to the UK next year, they will in the future and we can all once again get up and shake what our momma gave us to the timeless and well rehearsed sound of Bowling for Soup.

Review by Shaz Rafferty

Photos by Kyla Taylor

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