Barn on the Farm Saturday, 6th July, 2019

The Barn on the Farm fun continues, heading into the weekend with high expectations and tired by the heat fans wade through the clearing to get to the early stage sets. Around the weary bodies are fresh faces, coming to the farm for the weekend their enthusiasm is contagious. The summer heat of Friday dissipated as the sun hides behind clouds, setting up Saturday to be the perfect festival day.

Our morning started with an onslaught of indie pop rock band, infusing the festival with a visceral energy that continued into the pop and singer songwriter infused evening. Dotting around the three festivals stages we caught some supreme stars on the rise as well as a few fan favourites.

As the day waned on and the festival fans grew there was a buzz around the fields. Festival attendees sauntered around the bunting lined barns, picking up some vintage flairs to wear during the festival. Along with the shopping and drinking came the main events, the music! Saturday offered up a really brilliant depth, pockets of music magic that create that sort of mystical BOTF experience.

Fans braved the rain as the night wore on. With a headliner change Dermot Kennedy took to the stage with a brilliant flair, a perfect sonic boom to end our Saturday. Below are a few of our top Saturday sets.

The Howl and The Hum: the day kicked off with a trio of indie rock brilliance, beginning with The Howl and The Hum. Relating their set to a Zumba class, we knew we were bound for a dance marathon to awaken us on our slow Saturday morning. With punchy yet atmospheric flair The Howl and The Hum intertwine indie rock with a pop flair, a sort of new age pop rock that has become wildly, popular. With boundless energy the band wowed the full tent, a perfect start to the day. Vistas: continuing the sort of indie rock sound is Edinburgh band Vistas. As the Outdoor stage filled with barefoot fans Vistas launched into a rousing set. With rowdy hits of indie rock intermixing with ear worm worthy lyrics Vistas was a clear crowd pleasure. 

Marsicans: Birmingham Live readers are no strangers to Marsicans. We originally encountered the band at the festival a few years ago, and became immediate fans. Their insane energy and poetically tinged songs are clear crowd pleasures, with fans rushing to fill the main stage arena well before the set. Their third year at the festival, or as they called their hat trick, found Marsicans playing top hits alongside some new releases. In typical fashion it was an onslaught of bouncing energy and rock riffs, a sort of perfect indie rock set from the brilliant Marsicans

Sea Girls: continuing with the rock pop Saturday explosion Birmingham Live favourites Sea Girls took the main stage by storm. It appears that the lads have matured and evolved; donning red suits and dressier clothes the lads certainly seem to have stepped up their professional musicians game. Their music shows this evolution as well; interspicing old favourites with a few new ones Sea Girls deliver indie pop rock perfection. With kitschy hooks and anthemic licks the songs are playful but deep, a tightly straddled balance that perfectly displays the evolution of the band. We know Sea Girls will be around for a while, and that fact makes us excited! (Show in nov?) Swim Deep: five member indie ambient rock band Swim Deep brought an electronically stimulated sound to the main stage. Eclectic and unique, just like their style, Swim Deep’s songs are distinctive. Layerings of differing sound makes the songs genre-less, a sort of musical defiance that captures that spark of undefined and unlimited brilliance. As fans with glittered faces and wild hair danced around in euphoric glee it was clear that Swim Deep’s euphoric sound was a Saturday hit. 

Zak Abel: Abel is a staple for the Barn family. We caught his sweet set last year, and watched as he stood in the hot sun for hours after greeting fans. Abel brought the same pop infused playfulness to his headlining slot. Taking over the Outdoor Stage Abel delivered a lighter heated, joyful set infusing the night with his pop punches. Fusing some R&B and bluesy touches to the pop, Abel’s sound is upbeat and cheerful, a perfect ending for the Outdoor Stage Saturday. 

Dermot Kennedy: Saturday’s headlining slot was a bit of a surprise as original headliner Sam Fender had to drop out. That being said fans were in no way disappointed when Kennedy was announced. Kennedy is no stranger to the Farm, he has graced many of the stages over the years and has amassed a strong following among farmies. The fandom was on full display as Kennedy took the stage: caressed in reds and purples, Kenedy’s moody crooner styled intermixed with pop bluesy bits, transforming the rainy night into an escapist dive into another world. His headlining set did not disappoint, a perfectly poignant ending to a fantastic day.

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