Barn on the Farm Friday 5th July, 2019

Barn on the Farm, a festival favourite in Gloucester, celebrates its 10 year anniversary with four days of musical brilliance. A few lucky festival friends snag early tickets for intimate gigs on Thursday and Friday. We bounded onto the Farm for Behind Barn Doors Friday, catching a few stellar acts that kicked off our festival weekend!

There is a palpable excitement when you approach the festival entrance; excited farm friends queued up anxiously chatting about the weekend ahead. The 10 year anniversary has some surprise in store, a few extra special guests intermixed into the already incredible lineup.

Our Friday kicks off with a few indie pop rock bands, infusing the night with energy. Our Friday brings a myriad of artists ranging in styles, giving the night a unique sonic edge. The intimate Friday means the farm has a familial feel, a close knit group of fans circling around their favourite artists well into the evening. It is the type of festival setting that people dream about, and those lucky enough to be at the Farm on Friday witness a few masterful sets.

Overall the Behind Barn Door Friday experience is magical, transporting us out of our everyday routine and into the festival fervour. We caught some epic acts, read about them below!
Balcony: high energy Balcony, with their electro pop sound, whirled around the Outdoor Stage. Balcony’s do it yourself motto does not hinder their music brilliance; an intoxicating mixture of synth stimulated sonic layers intermixing with pop hyped lyrics give the band a festival sound that is transformational. While fans waded in the shade, the foursome bounded around the wooden clad stage, infusing the mid day atmosphere with electricity. Jack Howard: taking over the little hanger lovelingly called the Bimm Stage, bluesy singer songwriter Jack Howard played a delightful stripped down set. Howard was a new artist for us, and like many at the Farm we wandered to his set without preconceived ideas. Howard’s sophisticated storytelling and boozy bar feel was a delightful hit, and I was a quick convert to what he was selling. Make sure you add his name to your summer playlists, no doubt he will become a fast favourite. 

Bloxx: female fronted rock band Bloxx was also a happy find. With a sort of new wave rock edge Bloxx hits hard, a sort of punky attitude combining with their melodic rock gives the band an intoxicating sound. Layers of differing rock styles and sounds, the band is a shining example of progressive rock that, well, rocks. They brought a sort of unstoppable energy to the BOTF stage, a lift in the hot Friday evening. Like so many bands at BOTF, Bloxx is one to add to your playlist, quickly becoming one of our favourites of the day. 

Luna Bay: anthemic pop rock band Luna Bay ditched their weighty drums and whaling guitars for a stripped down set that wowed fans. Replacing their bombastic sound was a delightfully simple set up; just three brilliant musicians with guitars on a little stage, and wow did they deliver. Their sound was still iconically anthemic but felt intimate and personal. Taking on the roles of storytellers the band created a transcendent atmosphere that fans clearly loved. It was the perfect BOTF set from an ever evolving band. 

Au/Ra: it has been the year of power pop, and Au/Ra joins the ranks of the likes of Billie Eilish and Maggie Eogers, producing music that ushers in a new age of pop power. Au/Ra perfectly captures that sort of mystic electro pop that is slowly winding its way into pop culture. With a mind blowing voice and club inspired sonic, Au/Ra is a force. Their set at the outdoor stage was a crowd pleasing pop infusion that had everyone up and dancing

Humzaa: with unmistakable power Humzaa’s set blew our tiny little minds. Crammed into a little barn, Humzaa and crew swept across the stage with prowess and prestige. As the layers of sound streamed through her band and backing vocalist a warm embrace of power bluesy pop filled the room. Fans immediately responded with excitement as Humzaa’s brilliance was like an elixir for the broken sole. If you don’t listen to Humzaa you should. She is transfixing and bold, gripping and intimate, and she will quickly become a favorite. The Vaccines: Barn on the Farms’ intimate Friday always touted a secret headliner, something veiled in mystery and excitement. This nights secrt headliner was none other than rock sensation The Vaccines. With massive sets all over the world. The Vaccines were a big grab for the 10yr anniversary of Barn On The Farm, and did they deliver! From the beginning lick, The Vaccines exuded pure rock energy, their songs careening around the field, no doubt waking the sleeping ostriches next door. Slapping sound with anthemic riffs The Vaccines flooded the headlining set with unstoppable enthusiasm. With cups raised high and wild dancing fans lapped up all that The Vaccines offered, a perfect ending slot for the wild Friday night.


Review and Photos: Kylie McCormick

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