Barn on the Farm bands we can’t wait to see!

In one week hundreds of people will track a weekend’s worth of belongings and camping supplies to a tiny farm in Gloucester, coming back to the family that makes up Barn on the Farm. The festival celebrates upcoming artists along with celebrated headliners, a combination that creates a magical land of discovery and excitement. With the line-up complete here are seven artists other than the amazing headliners that should be on your list.

Matthew and the Atlas

Joining a secret headliner on Thursday, Matthew and the Atlas will take to the barn to play an intimate weekday gig. Matthew and the Atlas create timeless folk rock tunes that are as much transcendent as they are transfixing. The soothing husk of male voices is nicely swirled around a multitude of sonic elements, creating the perfect symphony that will transport you to another land. The band is a perfect way to kick off your festival weekend!

Billy Lockett

Filling a slot for Behind Barn Door Friday, Billy Lockett is one of the new artists that Barn on the Farm is known to highlight. Lockett’s music is simple in structure but his lyrical content is tranquil and moving. For a stripped back, acoustic sort of day Lockett is a must see and will certainly be a new favourite.


OUTLYA is no stranger to Birminghan Live! fans. We have seen them as they opened for Dan Croll and most recently as they headlined their own show at the Sunflower Lounge. The exuberant punches of sound and energy that typify OUTLYA will be on full display as the boys take to the farm. Last year their Barn on the Farm gig was electric, and we can only imagine that they will once again bring the fire.


Like OUTLYA, the boys of Marsicans are familiar for our Birmingham Live! family. We recently caught the guy’s gig, one that blew our minds and left us exhausted! With young enthusiasm Marsicans deliver knockout energy blasts, their music being part grunge rock and part nuanced pop. While they may draw a younger crowd the set is one to make sure you catch.

Freya Ridings

To say that Freya is a star on the rise seems to be a gross understatement, she is already a star burning bright. A deeply sultry voice resonating against acoustic pop structures, Freya creates hauntingly exquisite music that will stop you in your tracks. With new release ‘Ultraviolet’ combining with her other singles, we are exited to see how Freya crafts her set.

Alex Vargas

Vargas returns to the Barn on the Farm stage, bringing a mixture of electronic and pop based tunes. While his music is dynamic and exuberant, Vargas is also able to intertwine emotionally tinged more acoustic sounding songs into his set, striking the perfect balance of sultry and sweet. Last year Vargas provided a much needed energy punch, something we are sure he will continue to bring this year.

Sunset Sons

Sunset Sons offer an uptempo rock curated sound that will combat some of the more acoustic sets. Stricking that perfect balance of frivolity and ferociousness, the band will automatically become a fan favourite as they grace the festival stage. With music that you can’t help but dance to, their set will bring the fun in the midst of what could be a very hot day. Sunset Sons will bring the party, so they are certainly ones not to miss.

Barn on the Farm has once again crafted an epic list of artists. With tickets running low, make sure to go and grab one and join us as we catch all of the exciting sets.

Kylie McCormick

OUTLYA image John Dent

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