2000 Trees Festival 2018 – Day Three

Our reviewer has made it to Day three. Hot days, sleepless nights, its been a non stop whirlwind.

His highlights of day three:

1. Haggard Cat

After seeing their set on Thursday on the roof of a bar then I thought it was only fair to check out their main stage set. Totally worth it.

Lead singer and guitarist Matt was having the time of his life onstage and had the energy to get the early Saturday morning crowd on their toes.

They’ve taken this opportunity and run with it, such a gem for the festival.

2. Cove

I caught this band last minute and I was glad I did. The lead singer was wearing a Post Malone t-shirt and ironically enough looked very similar to him.

They seemed grateful for the support from the crowd and even invited them over to their merch stand for a chat.

Nice bit of old fashioned hardcore to get the blood pumping, loved it.

3. Woes

These guys reminded me of the UK band ‘Roam’, very upbeat and catchy lyrics, other comparisons can be made with Blink-182 and Neck Deep. The younger crowd ate it up, Pop-Punk really has taken off in the last decade.

‘Loosing Time’ had a shoutier vibe to it which I enjoyed but retained the cheery whine of the guitars. There was chaos kicking off in this tent, people were starting to wake up and move.

4. Dream State

This band intrigued me. Comparisons can be made with old Paramore, alternative rocky with some screamed vocals from Charlotte.

Unfortunately the first half of their set saw technical issues but it soon picked up, the lead singer going down to the barrier and singing with the already well established fanbase. She spoke of overcoming addiction and told everyone who is going through the same to seek help.

‘White Lies’ was left until last and went down like a nuclear bomb. Everyone in that tent sung it from start to finish.

5. Enter Shikari – Forest

This set alone may raise some questions in the 2000 Camp about whether or not to expand the stage area next year, I got there half an hour early for this set and even then it was rammed. I have never before seen it so busy and it gradually kept piling up until Rou came onstage.

Forest Sessions are becoming more and more popular because you essentially meet the band if close enough, the sets I saw this year involved chatting with the crowd quite alot. I like this because you get to see a more raw version of their talent and their personality.

Rou played the acoustic guitar and sang, he could do no wrong to that many people. He even lost a piece of paper with song lyrics on it and people were laughing/joking along with him.

Songs included a cover from David Bowie and ‘Live Outside’ from their latest album.

6. Raging Speedhorn


Some of the riffs reminded me of Crowbar and Sludge Metal in general. The two vocalists had great timing also, playing off one anothers vocal strength.

Brutal and with conviction, they got people moving by any means they could.

7. Moose Blood

Upon seeing that SixTh had cancelled their set last minute I sped back to the mainstage to catch Moose Blood.  The warm sun had just started going down which made for a nice blanket of light across the crowd.

I enjoyed their set, they have a loyal set of fans to boot. Their style can be seen as soft rock or emo rock, comparable with Taking Back Sunday and The Used.

I heard a few people mention the accusations against the band and there was a slight atmosphere regarding the remaining members. Worth noting also that the only member I saw smiling at all was the guy on bass, the others looked a little weary/sheepish throughout.

8. Enter Shikari

The anticipation for this set was sky high among the fans. People were waiting all day at the mainstage barrier for this one.

Kicking things off with style, Rou and Co hit it up with ‘The Sights’, followed closely by ‘Juggernauts’. Crowdsurfers galore just two songs in, I’m going to add as well, that every year I see more creativity in crowdsurfing costume ideas. Deadpool surfing a donut was brilliant.

‘The Last Garrison’ completed their instant stage assault and the air was electric. Rou, glass of gin in hand, took a moment to address a sign in the crowd about a proposal. What a way to do it, I salute that man.

The lighting wasn’t quite Slam Dunk 2017 but did the job, the crew didn’t take long setting up and I can imagine lasers need alot of work calibrating.

Other notable tracks included  ‘Mothership’,  ‘Rabble Rouser’, remixed harshly with some deep bass wubs, the crowd loved it, aswell as ‘Anaesthetist’, mixing a perfect blend of old and new material into the night.

‘Sorry You’re Not a Winner’ and ‘Ssssnakepit’ ensured the fans went home happy, two massive crowd pleasers but not before the most well known song of the new album, ‘Live Outside’, which has strong references to escaping from the grim reality of life.

They destroyed their set tonight and this can only mean one thing; bigger headliners next year. Until then!


Photographer and Reviewer: Neale Hayes

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