10 Unmissable Acts at Barn on the Farm 2019

With the ten year anniversary approaching, Barn on the Farm celebrates the momentous occasion with an epic line-up that intertwines massive headlining artists with a handful of up and coming stars to be. Invading the Farm from the 4th-7th July there are an overwhelming number of amazing acts to catch. Here are the top ten artists, in no particular order, that are not to be missed!

1. Sam Fender, Maggie Rogers, Lewis Capaldi: Is it fair to lump the headliners into one category? Probably not, but as their names grace the top of the line-up it is almost a given that they are artists not to miss. We caught Fender last year at BotF, and cant wait to once again hear the crooner’s singer songwriter pop rock sound. Maggie Rogers is also familiar to our Birmingham Live family. Opening for Mumford and Sons her electric energy on stage was unparalleled when we caught it a few months ago. With a sort of mystical transcendental pop sound her star is shining brighter and brighter, it will be fun to dance alongside this musical force. Lewis Capaldi is slowly growing into a household name; with his reflective songs juxtaposed by his Scottish humour, Capaldi is a born entertainer. With the fastest selling debut album and a handful of sold-out stadium gigs, it is perhaps the last time to catch Capaldi in an intimate setting.

2. Jade Bird: I have been a fan of Bird’s since she dropped an EP, so I’m counting down the days till I get to see her take to the stage! Celebrating female artists who are transforming musical culture, Jade Bird is a presence and force to not be ignored. Bird’s music is reflective but playful, a tenuous balance that is wrapped in the warmth of pure rock, giving her sound an edge that is missing in the musical world.

3. OUTLYA: By now our love affair for OUTLYA is well documented, but we won’t apologize for our incessant fandom! OUTLYA’s captivating energetic enthusiasm and charismatic music perfectly encapsulate the fervent joy of festival season. Their presence at Barn on the Farm is always lauded by loyal fans and they often put on one of the best sets, so we had to add them to our list! With a few changes taking place in the band this year we are excited to see what they bring to the stage.

4. Fatherson: Throwing a little Scottish flair into the line-up, Fatherson bring perfectly crafted alt-rock songs to the Barn on the Farm stage. Their music is raw and authentic, breathing life into each lick of guitar and every note sung. No doubt their set will be a treat, and we cannot wait to catch them!

5. Etham: Pop artist Etham has a list of famous fans, including pop superstar Shawn Mendes, and it is not hard to see why the rising pop artist is amassing famous friends. With a beautifully crisp voice and emotionally intertwined lyrics, Etham is the archetype of a perfect pop star. His music will transfix you, bringing a smile to your face while warming your cold dead heart.

6. Lily Moore: Bringing some of that singer-songwriter beauty to the Farm, Lily Moore promises to offer a moving set. Her voice is truly angelic, and paired with her vulnerable lyrical content Moore offers a deep dive into the human heart and human spirit. Moore has been a fan favourite for the Farm, and so her set is one not to miss.

7. Youngr: We first met Youngr when he crashed one of our interviews at Barn on the Farm a few years ago, but all was forgiven after we caught his electric set. As a solo artist Youngr’s musical talent is mesmerising, dancing around the stage and traversing a handful of instruments his melodic mastery is obvious. His musical prowess alone is worth watching but paired with his joyful up-tempo sound Youngr is one not to miss.

8. Vistas: Barn on the Farm is known for it’s more acoustically driven artists, but over the years the festival has evolved to include some sneaky rock tinted bands. Vistas is one such group; hailing from Edinburgh, Vistas creates upbeat indie infused pop rock tunes that are bouncy and anthemic. They will quickly capture your mind with their gleefully crafted songs, and I have no doubt they will become an instant favourite.

9. Kawala: Alternative indie group Kawala have a sort of effervescent sound that creates a musical ethos of play. Intertwining a myriad of sonic elements with introspective lyrics, their musical concoctions are contemplative but fun, a balance that is not easily achieved. With songs that sound like summer evenings and a new EP released only a few months ago, we can’t wait to see how their set adds a little bit of glee to our Barn on the Farm weekend. Make sure you bring your dancing shoes, as their set will surely have you bouncing around!

10. Marsicans: We cannot round out our top ten list without adding Marsicans! We first caught the band at Barn on the Farm a few years ago, and have been transfixed by their youthful enthusiasm ever since.With punchy pop rock songs that invoke wild dance parties, Mariscan’s energetic stage presence is something not to miss. A maturation of sound also slowly seeps into their set, bringing some tunes that will delight the old along with the young.

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